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    Joydeep Mukherjee

    It is rather strange & highly unnerving to notice that the mainstream-media has mostly remained silent on the issue of rampant "un-natural" deaths among our nuclear/defense scientists !!

    Can't a journalist like you do a proper investigative report on this issue rather than paying attention to other superficial stuffs ? Its certainly a matter of grave national security & deserves to be highlighted by the national media in order to pressure the government & stirring it into action !!

    Thanks…Would appreciate a rejoinder !!

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    have you seen the Henderson Brooks report on Nevillemaxwell's website. This is one singularly important to set the record straight and build on.

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    from NZ with love

    @ Joydeep mukherjee..
    yes it should be for sure…the deaths of all top class scientists and engineers as well as few test pilots can not be a co-incidental….


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