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    India needs to work with Russia to build anti ship, ASW and rapid troop deployment ekranoplans. Such platform will literally be a game changer in modern warfare where massive and rapid movement of men and material to combat zone will determine who wins and who loses.

    The Iranian navy has inducted ekranoplans but they're a shadow of what the Russians built and later on mothballed due to collapse of USSR.

    Russians have advanced long range missile and radar technologies from which India can gain immensely.

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    Here is a table of what the IN fleet should be in 15 years from now
    6-8 aircraft carriers (including nuclear powered)
    55-60 destroyers/frigates/corvettes
    40 SSKs
    20 midget subs
    20-25 SSNs/SSGNs
    Unless we have numbers like these the dragon to the north will have a free reign in our own backyard.

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    Tako Nada

    Good news Shiv…like to get more defence news:)

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    Hi Shiv..I would like to ask you whats the anti Paki chinese submarine protection that Gorshkov has to defend itself from there torpedos and missiles? Vikramaditya with such a big radar sign…will it be able to defend itself from Chinese submarines and their ballistic missiles?

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    Thanks to the Vikramaditya, the Russian navy has revived its ship building capabilities of this class which would have died without this project.

    If Russia wants to cooperate further, there should be no secrets. You can not call us friends and then hide things from us as experienced by Indian sailors training on the Vikramaditya.

    I am all for further cooperation with the Russians, but a smile on the face is not enough. We need more than that.

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    Two main characters were names from that photo but who is that beauty in the otherwise drab group of ageing people? 😉

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    victor raj

    Good news. Please build 3 more nuclear aircraft carriers with assistance from Russia. We should have a total of 6 aircraft carriers to protect our long waters.

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    "I am all for further cooperation with the Russians, but a smile on the face is not enough. We need more than that."
    Horosho! Nalivai…
    OK! Pour…

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    where is launch induction cermony video shiv

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    On the assistance for INS Viraat, I think India should go it a learn even if it takes time, or take outside consultation support.

    On no missile defence installed on Viki…better to be patient and good with the Barak systems which is deployed for a major ships. Easy to manage in when part of a carrier battle group.

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    Naah..we got the carrier. Thank you very much. Lets not forget that the whole experience has been horrible.

    Kashtan is not required as it has failed in Indian climate so Navy hates it. Ak-630 India manufactures so it can be installed in Karwar. Barak-8 will be installed too.

    Now let us build rest of all our ships in our own yards. We can ask for foreign cooperation, technological help but no ship building in foreign shipyards.Let the FDI come into these shipyards from Japan and other willing countries, even US.

    And Indian shipyards, buckle up. Otherwise, privatization is not far for all of you!!!

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    Russians have a little more experience as they learned it by trial and error at India's expense to design one workable aircraft carrier. Not bad to learn the technology as someone pays 2.35 billion and it return you develop a workforce which is fully trained with lot of repeated failures and know well what to do and more importantly what not to do. Congrats to Russian ship builders as now they have learned the technology and can now successfully develop a more advanced nuclear powered carrier.



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