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    Can anybody pl tell me the weight of LSP 8 or LCA MK 1 to be inducted.

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    Beautiful photos of a historic day.

    Tejas and DRDO have made India very proud. This event is equivalent to the launch of handrayaan or Capt. Rakesh Sharma's flight to space.

    Most important points:

    1) IAF Chief showers praise on the Tejas. Unlike his ruffian-like predecessor, this guy seems to have more grey matter. Now, a precedent has been set. IAF just CANNOT rejct or postpone any future variant of he Tejas. It is also now fully onboard the programme, so that there is sync between itself and DRDO.

    2) THE IAF chief in his spech only mentioned the generic term, "MiGs" and not just the "MiG-21". What this means is that TEJAS SHALL REPLACE ALL THE RUSTY MiGS IN IAF, AND NOT JUST MiG-21s !! TEJAS TRULY HAS GREAT VISTAS AHEAD OF IT.

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    Tejas looks letal. Let's push to get this beauty into the IAF asap.


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