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    Despite the ongoing diplomatic row congis have reposed confidence in US strategic partnership. It looks incongruous signing this deal

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    Dear Uncle Sam,

    Here is a check for $ 1.1 Billion for 6 C-130J Super Hercules Aircraft. We are upset about our diplomat Devyani Khobragade being arrested in front of her kids and being strip searched and humiliated, but hey we can continue doing business with you. We don't have the guts to cancel a defense acquisition like Brazil did when it was revealed that you were snooping on their phone calls and e-mails. We are used to being mistreated by you and still sucking it up.
    We wanted to wish you Merry Xmas and a happy new year with this gift!

    Yours Sincerely,

    The UPA Government

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    What about the options on the C-17s? They're going to cost a lot more if the lines shut down.

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    victor raj

    Why don't we immediately order 40 and move some manufacturing units to India. It will save a lot of cost, instead of doing this. Are we waiting for dollar value to come down. Same thing for C17 globemaster 3

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    What the heck !The IAF should be seriously thinking of acquiring long range heavy bombers capable of carrying Brahmos ,Nirbhay,Sudarshan Lgb etc.This shows their lack of strategic foresight.

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    @ larsing
    The supersonic long range strategic bomber which might have been available has been sold lock stock and barrel to china. I doubt the US will sell us any of theirs.
    Anyway, why do we need bombers for? I don't see us going to war with the US, Europe or Australia in the near forseeable future and the most probable threat perception is easily covered by a couple of hundred cruise missile capable aircraft (eventually).
    Development of the nirbhay into a 2500+ range cruise missile would solve all problems.

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    It's good move. I am of the opinion that we should place one more order for 6 planes to be based in Tamilnadu to take care of the island territories/IOR region for expeditionary role.

    As far as Devyani issue is concerned, we are taking the right steps and must not relent on them. We are not enemies but have some shared start objectives as far as China or eastern pacific & Indo -China sea is concerned.
    Moreover these are good planes and will serve our needs. Devyani issue is a result of abject surrender of our strategic interest to US glib talk by English Laloo(Khurshid) & MMS. We are on the right track there as well. Facilities must be strictly on a reciprocal basis.

    Order one more unit of 6 C-17's IAF. we must have a capability to land a battalion in 3-4 hrs flat anywhere in IOR

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    We need to hold of on this deal until the American treat our diplomats a little more respectfully. We need to send them a strong message.

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    The C-130J is NOT a cheap aircraft to either run or operate. Yet the Indian Air Force has purchased 12 of these for what? Special Operations??

    How many special operations missions has India conducted using aircraft?

    And how much difference does it make if India used an An-32 or a C-130J ?

    Also is we are to talk about the "cost/tonne" the C17 is far more economical. Also, instead of wasting money on more C130s the Indian Airforce should refurbish its IL-75 fleet with new spares and parts from the new Il-476 line at Ulyanovsk.

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    doesn't that make total 18 C130j for IAF


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    People are shedding tears for a corrupt lady who used her political pull to gain admission in prestigious IFS illegally, got illegal possession of a flat for war widows and was caught lying for underpaying and bring a domestic help in USA. Such nepotism is the reason why the quality of our institutions are falling so rapidly. Such people are the cause for national humiliation all over the world. USA did the right thing in showing this lady her place. Indo US ties must not suffer for the humiliation of a corrupt official from a powerful political family (Sushil Shinde).

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    The lady might be corrupt (or not) but that is for Indian courts to judge and decide and not a US Federal Attorney. This attitude that the US can never be wrong and our people are always corrupt and third rate is a colonial legacy mindset.

    Fact is that Diplomat immunity is sacrosanct throughout the world. US diplomats might be in violation of several local laws ranging from traffic offenses to labour law compliance to sexual and social behavior. Every country has local laws that are very difficult to follow to the dot. Now the entire US diplomatic corps stands a risk of being arrested for local law technical violation.

    All middle class Indians who are angry are not defending Devyani but an Indian career diplomat who represents India.

    Finally the topic of this blog was the buy of a C-130. That was a wise decision and we should not let incidents like this effect sane decisions.


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