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    This year's R-day parade was a bit of a downer i must say..it partly reflects the lackof support that indegenious projects receive from the armed forces.. the army in particular.. with 8 tejas LSP aircraft in the inventory and and given their excellent safety record they might have well been able to peform a 5 ship or 3 ship formation leading the flypast..instead they decide to tow one around…brillinant..!!!! and i wonder when will they realise its a fighter not a bomber and stop hanging bombs from the hardpoints instead of missiles..
    The army didn't even consider the arjun worthy enough to be dispalyed instead chossing to display the T-72…and the AKASH sam was ignored as well instead the 3 decades old OSA was paraded…thats encouraging..!!
    The couldn't find anything new in their arsenal so chose to display a mockup of a 2 decade pld submarine …what can we say about that…navy could have atleast arranged for a Mig 29k flypast given that they may be presntly the most capable aircraft in indias's arsenal after the flankers..they had done so in the past when they had just acquired the harriers…but well..who cares..!!just take whatever you have sittng around at the moment and send it to rajpath….atleast DRDO was sensible enough to display their latest acheivements..

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    continouing on my previous comment… other indigenious items not displayed include the pinaka,drdo aewcs,nag atgm,NAMICA,sudarshan,nirbhay and none of the ballistic missiles..one might say that sudarshan and nag may be too trivial but in the past we have displayed even 57mm rocket launchers from mig 21s …so i feel that these need to be displayed in the parade instead of all the foreign stuff..because that is purpose of the parade ; to display the nations millitary prowess and what better way to display it than showcasing weapons developed here in India.

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    cant stop myself from commenting more..
    is it just me or the image of tejas at the front of the display conspicuously similar to that of gripen in its advertisement brochure…go check it out on saab's website…i must say that we can compete with china in copying…

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    Chuang Shyue Chou

    That is a pretty impressive display of military hardware.

    I do wonder as to the effectiveness of the T-64/72/80/90 class of MBTs though.

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    I Gotta Say this year's Parade had lot of Put-downs, disappointment was on apex this day

    lets get down to Brass tacks :

    if you're like me who waits all year just for 26th January Parade, to witness the latest military hardware of India…
    Then i can say you all are fairly disappointed

    1) why it always have to be T-90 MBTs, Multi-barrel pinaka Rockets,Brahmos & Bridging Systems in army's pass.
    I wonder if they only have this hardware to showcase to nation
    This Time they didn't Even include the agni Series…..What the F*8k dude !!!
    I mean after all its national parade.

    Never mind the culture and tradition tabloids

    then comes the Airforce Fly-By,
    which we all are early waiting to see,
    Special Thanks to our National Broadcaster DOORDARSHAN , who's highly trained Professional camera crew can't capture a aircraft flying by 300km/h, let alone the Jets …
    If you watched the telecast from the very beginning,our beloved Doordarshan showcased there Hi Tech Hardware like HD cameras, Mobile control room with tag "Bharat sarkar" ,
    for the first time Republic day parade was to be aired in High definition.

    Boy! I thought something new was going to happen…

    But no as always, my bad luck seems to be strong

    First they Did not allowed ALH Dhruv to commence the parade,
    its the same old Mi- 35 hind flying in formation of 3 ships

    Atleast they could have Given LCH a chance, I mean they do have Flying Helos right!!!

    Then thought It would be great to seen Tejas LCA flying by ,as they already have been inducted in airforce , but no they showcased the full scale model on Tortoise-Truck.

    Why Mirage 2000 formation are not allowed in parade…seriously

    then the same old sepecat jaguars,Mig 29 fulcrums, Su 30Mki in "Trishul" Formation and last Su 30mki vertical charlie,
    what the f*ck, do we have to see this every time..

    The big boy formation was totally absent, honestly with c-17s in IAF, i was hoping the big boy will become giant boy, But you Know how this all is…

    The only new formation was C-17 escorted by Su 30MkI's that's It.

    Why the hell they don't allow the trainers Like Bae Hawk to do a flyby or even AWACS A-50 Or even AEW&C

    why Navy didn't thought of showcasing Mig-29K and P-8 to take part in parade ,

    Goddammit where is our Aerobatic team , Last heard there conversion to Bae hawk was estimated to be completed in 2014!!!

    Doordarshan can't Capture Shit With their HD Cameras, there is no zoom in & Out, no fade in & Out ,no nothing they have orders to frame peoples faces when Aircrafts are flying Over head… and this time they missed the vertical charlie completely…. what the hell is going thru their head , watch Youtube how amateurs capture airshows and look at these dumbass team…


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    I agree completely with the last comment, I was very frustrated with DOORDARSHAN as well.. man, even a school kid can do a lot better when it comes to filming..for Christ sake, please evolve guys, when the whole world moves ahead and u are still stuck back 25 years…. looks like those guys got the job using quota system or through a recommendation, most likely by corruption.. proves yet again that government services in general is pretty bad when it comes to quality.. the sad part is there is nothing really that can be done about it… the whole system is corrupted and needs formatting.. do it before the system shuts down by itself due to too many viruses

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    A parade of mechanised military machines is no evidence of military prowess. These vehicles can be nice and okay from the outside, but have absolutely NOTHING inside. There is no evidence that they can shoot, fire, respond to attacks, or anything. These vehicles could be of just steel exterior for all we know. All is crap!

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    A parade of mechanised military machines is no evidence of military prowess. These vehicles can be nice and okay from the outside, but have absolutely NOTHING inside. There is no evidence that they can shoot, fire, respond to attacks, or anything. These vehicles could be of just steel exterior for all we know. All is crap!

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    To catch the aircrafts when they are flying at a low height, horizon to horizon crossing is in seconds. Forget camera, even many spectators are unable to track all formations visually. Now imagine if tracking is through a lens. Unlike other public flight displays here neither the Air Force nor Doordarshan has flexibility to choose run-in direction or camera positions. Your disappointment is well understood. We have much better results during flight displays elsewhere. This time we tried to overcome the constraints and even took help of IAF, who provided two expert fighter pilots with walky-talky communication to help our cameraman about the approach time and direction from where the aircraft is coming. But as the television broadcast cameras are large and 180 degrees turn in the time frame is not practically possible. Spacing out of formation flights is not acceptable due to time constraints (as explained by IAF). The Advanced Light Helicopter (ALH) formation was planned but was cancelled due to fog in the early part of RD parade. The Tejas and Light Combat Helicopter (LCH) are yet not cleared for in full measure for display flights on National occasion. Like you, we all desire to see them fly over Rajpath. Even the formation aerobatic team is not yet ready because of training priorites of the IAF (as I have understood). Your anguish is well taken and your suggestions will be shared with all concerned officials to keep finding acceptable solutions. For all Indians Republic Day is a matter of National pride and we at Doordarshan always take this opportunity as national service. Your criticism has given us new direction to work upon and we look forward to your continued support. Thanks.

    Proud Doordarshan team

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    please also see 81st Air Force Day Parade – 2013 other events covered by DD at http://www.youtube.com/user/DoordarshanNational


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