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    "It's election season. Expect more."

    Most important line of this article 🙂

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    no mmrca
    no 197 hrlicopters
    no howitzers

    several lakh crores of ghotala and

    by the way why these people can't fly in mi8 these people are just fulfilling their own ambitions even if army flies in old cheetah helos

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    i'm no acolyte of the gandhi dynasty, nor am i a modi fanboy, but I'm surprised at the brouhaha this note is raising.
    There is no money or payment discussed at all. The guy is a consultant to a firm trying to swing a deal, obviously he is going to fly in and out of india, is that surprising? The letter seems obviously as advice to the Brit boss of the company to advise the Brit High Commissioner to keep on hammering the point home to all the people in power that the Agusta Westland is a good choice. I don't think it says anywhere that he is to offer them large sums of cash .
    The media's (esp electronic) penchant for over sensationalising any issue is getting nauseating.

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    Despite the forthcoming India's most important election season..Not a single TV channel has shown this news(with this proof) to larger audience ???? why ???

    Probably BJP doesn't have much control over media.


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