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    Good to see local arms being inducted. Now DRDO should get into continuous improvement mode and release them at regular intervals.

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    Anything new on Tejas. HAL suppose to supply 8 LCA. this year.

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    They need to repeat the failed test mission and need to do more rigorous tests.
    The proximity fuze type of does not work that well as proved during 1991 Gulf war…
    Warhead can still survive and hit the target…
    India need to develop hit to kill means hitting the incoming vehicle directly…
    That is the only proof of destruction…

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    These missiles are bulky and outdated…they cannot engage low flying cruise missiles. just because they are made in india they should not be forced to be used…european SAMs are far better

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    Anon @10.09 AM,

    The failure rate of Patriot SAM is 3 times more than Akash. So much so that it was blamed during Gulf War I of being ineffective. Russian SAMs have only 50% strike rate. European and Israeli SAMs are offshoots of either their AMRAAM missiles or older variants of their SAMs. They have serious reliability issues and now even Norwegians have adopted American AMRAAM in SAM role with some modifications. I won't even discuss Chinese SAMs.

    Hence, Indian SAM AKASH is a much better and cheaper option which is adequate in one layer of our multi-layer air defence. There are other missiles being either developed or inducted for other layers. If it was not up to the mark, IA and IAF would never accept them as you would already know, given their love for firaang maal.

    So before passing your judgment, check facts. Or stay in your hole.

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    This should keep reporters like Rajat Pandit of ToI and The Indian Express quiet….for a long, long time to come.

    The Akash should now be exported to Taiwan, South Korea, Malaysia and LatAm republics.

    Have to salute Viv S from BR forums for a blitzkrieg of absolutely great opinion on inducting Tejas jets, and scrapping the PAK-FA in favour of AMCA.

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    Akash should be exported to ukraine asap they are gonna need it when the war with russia starts

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    Crap missile from the beginning…india is decades behind europeans and americans. Shame these shitty weapons are heaped on our forces. india should just copy western tech thats it period.

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    Pak has far better French SAMS than these

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    @Anonymous 9.58

    Pak has a big beggar's bowl too. :p


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