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    A good FIRST step. Many miles to go, as a wise man said. We must know how much to slap our backs -the real test on a manoeuvring target would be the proof of the pudding. Best of luck DRDO. Now, pl stick to timelines and advertised performance

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    Sudhagar Selvaraju

    Congrats to DRDO, IAF and others. Since the missile extensively tested against aerial targets from the ground launchers, I don't think so any major technical hurdles. Hoping faster service entry and improved versions follows.

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    congrats to IAF, DRDO. Please post a video of this trial if you can.

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    Hopefully it did not get hit any passenger flights.

    The DRDO dumbos will make sure that this will take another 50 yrs to make it operational.


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    Sourav Paul

    i hope it doesnot become another trishul.

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    Dear Shiv,

    Is DRDO thinking of converting this missile into a SAM as well?

    American AMRAAM has been converted by Norway and Israeli Python/Derby has been converted so why not this one?

    Please inform.

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    Gullible indian morons….indian missiles are a big failure:

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    Gullible indian morons….indian missiles are a big failure:

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    @Anonymous paki,

    here is the same newspaper that sameday posting it as a success..

    You are the guillable moron who believes an author who only writes bad stuff about DRDO,even if it was a success..

    btw check any newspaper on that day it shows only as a success..

    8 out of 9 for a SAM is very good success rate…porki moron

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    NSR says –
    This is truly a great milestone for India…
    Once MK-1 and MK-2 are developed and tested, then they can use them on all of the aircraft…
    The seeker technology will significantly enable/improve Akash as it can hit the incoming threats from body to body…
    India should not buy Rafale and instead spend all of that money on producing LCA/Tejas, missiles, avionics, engines, seekers, etc…
    This will develop Indian manufacturing and create high paying jobs for next 50 years for Indians instead of French…
    Congratulations to DRDO/IAF…

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    Karan Shah

    Can someone give a realistic comparison between Su30MKI vs F15, J11 and EuroTyphoon.

    I'd love Mr. Aroor do an article on this himself 😀

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    If I remember aright the Americans fired 1000 Sidewinders- all from dead astern-and then used some hairy interpolation techniques to decide the Pk. The British fired perhaps less than fifty before releasing the Fireflash- or was it the Firestreak? in service. We know how the 'winders behaved .Mercifully the Fireflash was never fired "in anger" Whichever way the DRDO goes I do wish they would hurry up a bit.

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    jayanta bordoloi

    I think it would have been really awesome if the missile was fired from LCA Tejas.

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    Institution of Army Chief: The new low

    Behind the push by the UPA Government in its dying days to install Lt Gen Dalbir Singh Suhag as the next COAS, is the powerful Arms Lobby which has billions of dollars at stake. The alleged ‘Line of Succession’ which was put in place is now entering its final phase. When this was challenged in the Supreme Court of India in a bid to uphold the institutional integrity of the Armed Forces, the petition was dismissed as being communal, mainly since the three main people in the line of fire were Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, former Army chief JJ Singh and the present COAS – General Bikram Singh!

    With the BJP’s Dr Subramanian Swamy’s plea to stop the UPA from pre-poning the next Army chiefs appointment being forwarded by the President to the Prime Minister, the Ministry of Defence (MoD) and the UPA spin doctors are at it again, trying to trivialize facts and spread lies which fail to stand up to the most basic scrutiny.

    Sometimes the truth is a bitter pill to swallow especially when we as a nation are betrayed by our own. All the moral grandstanding comes to nought when the Army’s top two officers, under the UPA and PMO’s protective shield, stand accused of some of the most heinous crimes. Worse, this blatant alleged acts weaken the very purpose of AFSPA, which is meant to protect our soldiers from false cases, and not something to be used by the top brass in pursuing an agenda of their own. Will the former Army chief, General VK Singh and his band of supporters, ridiculed and attacked by the spin doctors of the UPA, be vindicated after all?

    The MoD and the government are already lying through their teeth. Lt Gen Ravi Dastane’s hearing has been curiously shifted from May 2 to September, rendering his case meaningless. The Jorhat incident is being brushed aside as being a case of a junior NCO stealing a cell phone, while Major T Kiran, the whistleblower in the Manipur killings is under virtual arrest with the Army desperately trying to get him to retract his statement.

    Swamy Letter to Prez on Army Chief

    (M G Devasahayam was an IAS Officer and holds post-graduate degree in Economics. Previous to the IAS he served in the Indian army and has participated in the 1965 Indo-Pak war and counter-insurgency operations in Nagaland. He is also a Guest Blogger with Canary Trap. The opinions expressed by the author and those providing comments are theirs alone, and do not reflect the opinions of Canary Trap or any employee thereof)

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    To jayanta bordoloi and others…
    NSR says..
    It is just the beginning and these missiles are tad heavy so SU-30MKI is the perfect platform to start testing…
    Astra MK-1 and MK-2 will go through simple test fires to see if they can reach a designated point through various maneuvers to validate missile flight control systems…
    LCA/Tejas fired Russian short range AAM recently and it will fire Israel and Russian BVRAAMs soon for FOC..It needs lot of fine tuning as it is an experimental aircraft…
    In time, Tejas MKII will become a very fine and formidable fighter bomber…
    The only thing India needs to do is to cancel Rafale and go on war footing to develop and manufacture Tejas, missiles, etc and develop the infrastructure and jobs in India…

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    @Anon hahaha why does a country that never had a historic antecedent or future thinks its an equal to china a 2000 year culture. btw congrats on your A2A missile test in the year 2500 AD oh ya its called al-chutiya

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    NSR says to the Bharat Rakshak bloggers and editors…
    The comments should be screened for Pakistani and Chinese trolls and keep them off and allow only posts that are fair and objective…
    Some of the anonymous commenters are pure haters of India…


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