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    May the Sailor rest in peace.

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    Sarath Kumar

    That ship is positively ancient.

  3. 3


    Building big armed forces requires big money. I do hope Government has provided enough money for maintenance. It is tragic to lose young men in peace time.

  4. 4


    How does one refrain from profanities under such circumstances ? Just look at this :-

    a ) Subs are old and they explode . But we shall not buy.

    b ) Migs have happily left for their heavenly abode . But they shall not be replaced .

    c ) Light choppers for our troops in high areas live dangerously and die easily when faced with strong elements of nature . But we will thwart all attempts to even consider new ones .

    d ) No artillery for our soldiers . We conveniently black list all suppliers.

    e ) Jawans spend their own meager pay to buy shoes , socks and jackets . We await TOT for the purpose.

    f ) >>>>> and the list goes on and on.

    God ( if you are still around and not outsourced ) kindly send a plague on the politicians , babus , brass and press.

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    Looks like Astravahini-class launching AUV by NSTL


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