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    @singam: This would be effective only if it were used as the "Air-Sol Moyenne Portée" like the French do. A "pre-strategic" warning shot as they call it.

    Alternatively, it can be used for tactical strikes with high accuracy.

    Interesting to see how many SU30 MKI's the AF will deploy in this specific configuration.

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      Vikash Kumar

      Most probably it will be used in anti-ship role.

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    Curious to know what else was discussed and agreed to during the meeting. Kamov-226T, mini-Brahmos, FGFA, MTA ?

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    The Brahmos in its current form is just too heavy to be used in A2G role. I think this will remain a technology demonstrator project and will only make it to operations in its future avatar as Brahmos-mini. I doubt that induction will happen before then.

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    yes agree, it heavy and SU 30 may not be able to carry many of them !! infact will be dangerous to unit carrying it further miniaturization is much better to suit Indian needs …..

    anyway what is the issue with motor that ISRO is unable to develop in house ??

    also please update status of Kaveri engine ??

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    @singam – If the delivery system is from a Sukhoi 30 MKI; then @Vikash Kumar is right. It predominantly will be deployed in anti-ship role or in a tactical strike mission with surgical accuracy.

    The land based systems with be used by the Army to maximize first strike capabilities in accordance with the Cold Start doctrine.

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    I doubt the Sukhois will ever be deployed in anti-ship roles. The Mig-29Ks will be reserved for that role and hence that gives more credence to the earlier posters comments that the Brahmos will see no operational role in its current form and will probably only be inducted in the forces once the mini-Brahmos is ready. It can then be integrated to the MKIs as well as the Mig-29Ks.

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    Much needed, hoping everything goes smoothly. Best of luck to the whole team.

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    Reply to Anonymous @8:39 AM –

    Greetings, sorry. I did not share more background to my thesis as to the Sukhoi 30 MKI being deployed with the Bramhos in an anti-ship role.

    1. The plan to deploy SU-30's to the Andaman & Nicobar as long term strategy to tighten control over any proposed future carrier groups of China. The SU-30/Brahmos serve as a deterrent to a carrier group deployment.

    2. I am not sure if the Navy would deploy their MiG-29 K's out of their present carrier base in the West & proposed upcoming one in the East away from the mainland in the near future.

    3. You are correct, the mini-Bramhos version would ideally suit the Navy's requirement the best

    Pleasure interacting with you.

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    Dear Shiv,

    Do you have the actual text of three foundational agreements – CISMOA, BECA and LSA with you? Can you please post them on your blog for enhancing your audience's knowledge on the subject?



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