F/A-18 India
Boeing India Partnership
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    That is some great achievement, thanks to Russia technology and Indian SI

  2. 2

    Raahul Kumar

    Excellent, in 1971 Aircraft carriers were deployed to threaten us to not finish off Pakistan. This time around, that can't happen, and the Brahmos is why.

  3. 3


    Great news Shiv.

    Any idea what radar this aircraft has ?? Is it the Zhuk AE aesa radar ?

  4. 4


    More natural choice would have been the Bahmos-mini. What's the update on that one ?

  5. 5

    Dalip Bhati

    I don't think civilian people understand the whole thing in armed forces there is something known as SECRECY one cannot keep on bragging SAY– Launch of K15 or K4 ballistic missile the difference of 700 to 3000 kilometers in actual fact it might be 5000 kms as it is there is a controversy whether Agni V is 5000 or 8000 km missile — CRUX —
    Knowing my brothers in India Bhramos must have been fitted a few months back when there was a small CLIP about a glide bomb successfully tested with a range of 100 kms

  6. 6


    Game on! Does the sukhoi carry aam along with this missile or just one single brahmos? Looks awesome!


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