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    Feel sad that men go through so much of pain and then politics is played on such martyrs. Salute to all the three brave men.

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    2 dorniers of ICG in two months…quite shocking and tragic there any chance enemy submarines/ small fishing boats firing shoulder fired missiles like stinger at these aircrafts in the total darkness amidst the roar of the high seas!!!!

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    Not a single variety of air assets are being spared. At first it was the 'fault' of vintage Russian migs & then newer Sukhoi's. Now Western jets like Jaguars & even Hawk trainers & hercules transporters. The indigenous dorniers in quick succession. Lets leave the chopper section. Whats happening. Above all no new orders for any fighters. Now its time for us to switch to drones.

    After 8 days we are still unable to find the wreckage with half of the fleet engaged in search operation. In such scenario The Shinmaywa search & rescue planes comes to much help & we are delaying to acquire it.

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    I am sure the ICG and IN are doing everything possible, though we have complete sympathy with the family members of the crew, running to the PM on such issues is not in order. I gives a feeling that there is no faith in government process. Being in the profession of arms such unfortunate things do occur. The only thing the service can do is rally oaround the families and give them all the support they deserve. I am sure the ICG and IN will not fail in this task.

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    The PM should have at least personally called families of these brave officers who dont think twice before opting to join forces to serve the nation though they have other options open to them. Latit Modi and Yoga for everybody can always wait.

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    It is difficult for common people to understand the pain n patience faced by wives if indiam army navy air force .. When their husbands have rendered their entire life for the country … It is the duty and responsibility of the government to render complete support in their search … Hoping Narendra modiji will look into this matter and fasten the search process… V don't want to lose the precious gems of our country ..

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    A very good reading and in-depth analysis on very high accident rates of IAF. planes. Source :
    Many interesting facts but I personally believe that HAL. built planes ( licencee ) are having inherent material problems at the same time shoddy quality control. They are not following the original maker's guidelines ! Thus IAF. Mirage is having a much less ( touch wood ) accident rates compare with HAL. built (licencee) planes. Let it be Sukhoi 30 MKI, Hawk or Jaguar.
    Any comments !

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    uk anand

    may their souls rest in peace
    god bless their families with the strength to bear the loss
    jai hind

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    Cactus | Lily

    India's is the only major Navy or Coast Guard, not to operate specialist SAR aircraft. The US can afford to do this, simply because its coast is dotted with helicopter bases.
    We can't afford to do this – so we clearly need amphibious fixed-wing SAR aircraft in our Coast Guard or at least in our Navy. We have literally, no amphibious SAR aircraft in our inventory. When a country has a coastline as long as ours, with limited resources – this is not only senseless but a highly irresponsible oversight of capability planning, when it comes to the lives of our Naval aviators.

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    Rama Laxmi

    Rip.vidyasagar's grany told me the tragedy.
    I am a close relative to her.


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