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    Only Indian courts exonerate Indian citizens. This is the first time an Italian court has "exonerated" an Indian citizen …ahem…ahem.

    Besides, what about Tyagi's relatives, who were allegedly the wheeler dealers in this deal ? And what of Tyagi's links with them ?

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    Yup, what about "julie" "docsa" and other such exotic personalities who were implicated in funneling kickbacks? Is it a coincidence that all of them are relatives of ACM Tyagi?

    Instead of bringing a crook to justice, India Today is going out of the way to "exonerate" him???

    Why is Modi sarkar also dragging it's feet to investigate this scam where the beneficiaries were by and large from Congress party? Is there a tacit agreement between these two parties?

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    @ Abhiman

    Don Luciano's court has exonerated our ACM of any evil doing (i.e. by their standards).

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    Pal… no court in india has a case being file against him… only allegation. The whole case is simply based on a word/letter with no solid evidence or links

    So I'm Happy

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    My 2 Cents

    Tyagi has been exonerated by the "Italian Court" ! How about rest of his relatives who purportedly received money ?

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    This event is clearly indicative of only one thing the complete unreliability of Indian press reports. Investigative journalism today is not ethical pursuit of evidence and leads. Investigative journalism today is to first make a conclusion and then start supposedly unearthing 'evidence' to nail 'culprits'. The press has cried 'wolf' so often now that there is no enthusiasm to watch screaming anchors nailing all and sundry with their breaking news! It is far more interesting watching good cookery programmes at prime time than the ridiculous presentation of news by what our MoS MEA calls 'prestitutes.' Today the press seems to have made this the breaking news, may be totally wrong once again!!

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    The Indian press would have had you believe that Mr. Tyagi was 100% guilty.

    Where is the responsibility and accountability in the Indian press?

    Does the Indian press just repeat accusations from unknown sources without proof of any kind?

    Investigative journalism is zero, professionalism zero, the media has become a conduit for rumor mongering and slander.


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