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    "The DRDO claims to work closely with the IITs on programmes, and does have collaborative projects in drone technology — though most of these are highly undermatched against the simplest off-the-shelf drones available in recreational stores."

    Do you have any basis for this rather exaggerated claim ? Drones crash – it happens to ISraeli drones as well as American drones. What basis or factual evidence do you have to substantiate your claim that the collaborative projects the DRDO has are highly "under matched against the simplest of off the shelf drones" ?

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    You can just look at it and say that the army want wrong. Its bulky, almost no wind tunnel testing done… What was DRDO thinking? Any kid can design something better than this.

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    I'm sick & tired of this Nishant..
    But coming on a day as this, it feels rather strange indeed that Not a single word has been spoken here on Col.Mahadik's martyrdom !
    What kinda defense correspondent are you Mr.Aroor??
    Who gives a damn for these DRDO junks anymore when we're losing real men in flesh & blood…a highly trained, motivated, battle-tested SF officer in this case, and a veritable leader for tomorrow.
    It was a big loss for the country in general and IA as an organization in particular…
    Going into future we need more such highly capable SForces officers as leaders executing punitive surgical strikes deep inside enemy territories…Looking into his service record, I feel it was such a big loss that cannot be over-emphasized…
    Our clandestine capabilities are rather circumspect in my opinion and every SF officer is a gem. We should not lose them so cheaply to drug-infused Islamic low-lifes..

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    Tako Nada

    Good, if after so many years DRDO can't muster the basic drone technology then how come they will make Aura non armed drone rustom1??

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    as usual DRDO f***Ks it up again, first Ecuador Dhruv Crashes and contract cancellation, now this. Why dont we outsource this to competent pvt sector under make in India and keep these clowns out. Dis-invest this loss making monstrosity, and set us on the path to real progress.

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    Please point out the specific technologies in which the Nishant is undermatched?
    And similarly, how are the simplest drones undermatched against civilian alternatives off of hobby stores.
    Please be specific.

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    We need a technical audit that points out exact deficiencies to be addressed.
    Every product has glitches , these are ironed out over time. There are well known examples , IAF used MiG-21 for 40 years & Army used T-72 so far?.

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    I saw it coming.2 crashes in 15 days,it seems to be a certain design. DRDO' s loss is someone's gain


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