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    Dark shadow

    Can you pls. Elaborate more. Seems sub launched brahmis or K 15 missile is also in the video. Anything more disclosed?

  2. 2


    NSR says –

    Great video…Carry on Navy…Kudos to Shiv Aroor for posting…

  3. 3


    About a year and a half back you posted a picture of GRSE workers putting the last coat of paint on INS Kamorta prior to its commissioning. The picture rings clear in my mind since it showcased two co-workers one Hindu and another muslim working hand in hand to enhance India's Blue Navy aspirations ! It made me proud that despite our divisions there are some muslims who consider themselves Indian first and everything else second. The recent revelations of espionage and possible sabotage at GRSE by a few employees who were purportedly working for the ISI makes me very sad as this will feed into the standard rhetoric that Indian Muslims cannot and should be trusted with the task of defending the sovereignty of the Indian Republic. Unfortunately there have been too many instances in recent times where servicemen who identified as Hindus also were working as agents of Pakistan and passing along sensitive information for monetary benefit.

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    Ram Bharadwaj

    No video of N-LCA?


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