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    If they have to refuelling then the Tejas crew should check the quality of the fuel before refuelling. I am not sure whether it is a military air base or not but in any gulf airport most of the lower grade staffs ( like helper, cleaner transporter or tanker operator etc) are Pakistani. We have to be careful about them. Many years back one AN 32 was vanished (on her maiden voyage while coming to India from then Soviet Union) without any trace after refuelling at a gulf country. There is no harm of being safe.

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    Best of Luck Tejas team.

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    VINOD K Nair

    God bless them. All the very best team tejas

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    Dear Shiv,

    Great effort by LCA Team and must be appreciated by all. It is easy to critise but difficult to develop and create such platform.

    We sincerely appreciate LIVEFIST for supporting and boosting the team against heavy odds of FOREIGN toy seekers.

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    I watched over the Internet the Tejas demo in Bahrain. It is a good demo but I like to suggest to include more rolls to showcase the quick directional changes, an inherent strength of delta wings. Other good demos to benchmark are the Mirage 2000 Alpha demo and Orange demo which can be seen on the web.

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    I like how the Indian Air Force has an Irish flag on it's tail šŸ™‚

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    @ cacus

    The IAF aircraft markings are based on the RAF, the tail markings is called a FIN FLASH, which uses the colours of the roundel ie Green white and orange.

    each country and their airforce have their own design of aircraft markings


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