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    It is rather ironic that two Naval pilots had to fly an IAF fighter jet at what is presumably the coming out party of the LCA ! The LCA has always been and will remain the IAF's step child while the Navy adopts it with open arms and step in to be the responsible parent that it never had.

    One more thing, I think it's time to disband the IAF altogether and put all its assets under the control of the Indian Navay's air wing ! The present incranation of the IAF lacks balls and the Navy has shown that they have plenty big ones. 'nuff said !

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    The best part was the first few secs when the pilot plays tabala before closing the canopy…

    Awesome video..

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    The pilots are from the NFTC, which happened to be Navy Pilots ie they are qualified Test Pilots! Also another reason, since the flight plan is over a large water body, and in the worst case scenario – if the aircraft has to ditch in the water, A Navy Pilot is better train to survive to do so.

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    Which helmet is the pilot wearing? Is it Dash 3?

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    To Anonymous @ 11:27PM:

    The principal pilots were Cmde. Maolankar (IN) and Gp. Capt. Rangachari (IAF), with a backup Navy pilot. I believe the principal pilots flew a demo day each. In any case these are test pilots assigned by the NFTC and not by their respective services.

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    True…just shows the confidence in the aircraft and the training!!!


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