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    Suren Singh Sahni

    India should grab the chance.

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    A decaying company with zero R and D, reduced to selling to likes of KSA and Pakistan is hardly a viable partner for India. Its like opting for a premier padmini in the age of marutis in early 90s!

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    Not a partner for the future.
    Let us look at current inventory
    Large Il-76 & C-17. The Il76 based AWAAC & refuelling aircraft. Proposed A330 for additional refuelling aircraft. Additional IL-76 fir AWAAC.
    Medium : Hercules & AN-32. Proposed MTA
    Small : Avro & Dornier. Proposed C295.

    We are a rich country.

    We need to go with Russian MTA or scrap it , stick to C295.
    In the second option we will have one variety less.


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