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    I do hope we develop UAV locally. The predator and Avenger must be used just to fill mid term gaps. India ha s always been a responsible nation when it comes to sharing tech. So MTCR is not a surprise.
    Congratulations to Mr. Modi and Mrs.Sushma Swaraj for this break through.

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    Hi Shiv

    In the article you mentioned “five things that India will be hoping to quickly embark upon”.
    There are only 4 points mentioned here. Which is the 5th point?

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      Shiv Aroor

      My mistake 🙂

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    gurinder kehr

    This is one area where our local development has really let us down. Rustom , where art thou ?
    Still, importing this seems a bit extreme. In fact, this would make a great private company program for make in India.

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    Chaitanya Chauhan

    Dude I really donot think exporting BhrahMos is a problem any ways for 2 reasons:
    1. It has the range of 290 Km.
    2. Potential buyers are not member of the Regime any ways.
    Besides UK had in past made some sales of equipment far more capable (Range) to non-members and China keeps selling junk to Pak regularly (both are not a member).

    Not to mention the advantage that we would have in Cryogenic technology, it would certainly be a boost for next level of ICBM.

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      Shiv Aroor

      India’s sensitivities about exporting the BrahMos have not been tied to MTCR. That’s one of the reasons why the BrahMos’ stated range is a conspicuous 290 km — 10 short of the MTCR limit. India’s sensitivities about being seen as a missile exporter transcend treaties etc. The MTCR gives it the visible backing to do trade. It never needed MTCR to export BrahMos, sure, but it a decision was taken clearly not to export missiles until India was accepted into the club. Nowhere in my piece do I say MTCR stopped BrahMos exports. It simply clears India’s anxieties about how it looks to the world.

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        Chaitanya Chauhan

        When you put it that way I do agree with you.

        Sorry if you felt offended! Never meant to do that.

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    kris richey

    The UCAV will never happen; The DRDO is a national embarrassment with indigenous programs being complete failures (ex: recent missile test of an ABM.) However; Brahmos ASM export will help the Indian defense industry. If India can figure out how not to issue requirements for aircraft like the MMRCA program which has been an exercise in red-tape and wasted time, than purchases of the Predator drone would be excellent. I foresee India ordering the UAV, cancelling the order, choosing to purchase it in smaller numbers, than beginning a new tender process.

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    Why the XP variant? Isn’t that the de-weaponised variant – no hardpoints, so lighter wings and greater sensor payload? Then why bother, when the in-service Israeli drones already fulfill this role?


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