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    Is it too late yet to scuttle both the Scorpene & Rafale deals and cut the Frenchies loose once and for all?

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      Either way, scuttling or reworking the deal, will come at a very heavy cost, both in terms of time and money

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      Thats what our enemies want. This should be looked upon as an opportunity to make sure we can get more access to critical technologies as a bargain and for the scorpene we must stop production and in quick time change the configuration with all costs being bore by the french company and then come up with new submarine configuration which is more modern and more lethal. It is important for the French to show to the world how generous they can be to their clients else they run a risk of loosing all markets.

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    Personally I dislike “It’s time to be alarmed’ articles. The data that’s gone is gone. If the Navy is alarmed I have no use for that information. The only information I seek is reassurance that the navy is doing all that is necessary to mitigate the risk from some thing they did not have any control over. Crucial data has been supplied by western nations to Pakistan in past wars. France gave Britain details about Argentinian Exocets in the Falklands war. None of there is pleasant but an article that says something should be a big worry without a chirp on what the Navy might do is no use

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    retrofit the boats and change designs/dampening/propulsion modifications, to change whats originally built. This should be done by dcns. sounds strange but doable. future boats either cancel or modify

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    Lol, 90% of “data leak” are used for commercial marketing, thas is excellent, we call that, pass the bladders for lanterns, thanks. 🙂 so funny, my first impression was the good one when i saw document. but good point to the player for misinformation campaign.

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    Sudip Das

    IF the leak is from Scorpene , France then one needs to investigate whether the leak is deliberate because the French are unhappy with the progress in Rafale deal and reduction in the no of aircrafts to be procurred


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