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    Really need to see what advanced countries have on the anvil , where they are heading technology wise specially the US Navy, to get some idea what sort of threat perceptions we are likely to face in relations to sea/ air terrorists from our hood. Let’s have a futuristic orientated kick a$$ Navy.

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    Arpit Mehta

    Second paragraph, last line – “25-27 kn”. Kilo-Newton as a unit of speed? Its supposed to be nautical miles.

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      Charlie R

      kn is not Kilo-Newton here. It is knots. Nautical mile is not unit of speed but a unit of distance. Knot (kn) is a unit of speed which is actually Nautical Miles/ hour.

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    Anybody knows whether the ka 31 have been integrated with the Kolkata class yet? It was initially integrated only with talwar class and the carriers right?
    Won’t our brahmos equipped ships be essentially useless without adequate OTHT. And the only heli with the necessary range is the ka 31?
    Any idea what the surface search range of the ka 28 and seaking are?

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    This is a challenge to other countries


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