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    Nobody (including you) told us anything about how the disputes between BAE and HAL (in the wake of Hawk production line setup in HAL) were resolved. Please can you write a bit about that. It is all a mystery.


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      What they are doing HAL is very wrong they should never take all Indian technology and put it in a foreign plane. This is shameless lack of protection of intellectual property rights. What if the British steal as they always do? India’s hard work would be given away and its secrets that went into building the LCA?. We should be protective of our intellectual property rights and upgrade our hawks, but why should we give them the technology to sell their Hawks. Why not make our own and sell. Improving someone design and making a better plane qualifies for a new plane. We should have just sold them as a new plane.

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        christopher crosby

        What BAE systems is doing is all wrong they should never take an all British Plane and allow foreign technology into it,,,,,,,,, Improving someones design?? well it had to be designed in the beginning and to sell it as anew plane is wrong,,,build one from scratch if that’s what you want to do! Another Indian with a chip on his shoulder!

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    Where is the mission computer coming from for the advance hawk ? Will Bae use an Indian mission computer ?has the Hal made mission computer been integrated in the advance hawk ? How does the advance hawk differ from the hawki showcased by Hal in Jan 17. Pertinent questions to be asked

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    Raj Reddy

    looks more like a brochure for selling HAWK than a researched article

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    Excellent Detailed POST ! Well done Shiv !

    While IAF has been crying for Increasing the number of Sqdns as MIG 21/23/27 like outdated platforms are getting phased out.

    This is a great opportunity for IAF to some how compensate those.

    1. Combat Hawks with a Small Dia Radar with a FLIR (something like Upgraded Attack Harriers use) in their nose along with integrated Close Combat/AIR Support precision ammunition/missiles ..these Combat Hawks can be a great asset for IAF for Close Attack/Close Air Support role, relieving biggies like Rafale,Mirage-2000,Mig-29 ,Su-30 MKI for Long Range and Jags , Tejas for Mid Range Tasks…and also add up numbers via low cost solution/assets.

    2. But IAF probably thinks India is a rich dady and wishes their depleting Sqdns to be ramped up by RAFALE/AMCA/FGFA like COSTLY solutions only .

    3. IAF must remember that Even US could not buy the Stealth Dominator F/A-22 more than certain numbers ..(Why ?).

    4. Using Dual use Combat Hawk in training and as well as for Close Air Support role when needed will save IAF lots of money ..which can be used to procure other important items..which are on hold for cash crunch .

    5. It does not add any issue related with diverse Inventory issues as IAF /NAVY is already inducting around 140-150 Hawks.


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      IAF or army should use this planes in the hilly area in place of Helicopter. The maximum ceiling of any helicopter is 21000 feet. The height of the flashpoint, Doklam Plateau located at least 10,000 feet above sea level. This means the effective height of Helicopter will come down to 21000 – 10000 = 11000 feet. The enemy sitting on the top having the 35 mm Oerlikon which forms a part of the Rheinmetall Skyshield system.

      It is a revolver gun which fires at a rate of 1000 rounds per minute. The speciality is that the rounds are smart. They are programmed with details of the target as they exit the nozzle and they explode very close to the target, each round releasing 152 shrapnel balls in the shape of a cone.

      It can effectively shoot down any plane it faces at a range of 5 km.( 16042 feet) It’s extremely effective against missiles and guided bombs too. But the Helicopter will get only an effective ceiling of
      So any Helicopter can be hit if the army use helicopter. HAL advance Hawk can fly at 44505feet. It is far better than Gnat. IAF should use this plane in place of Mig27.

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    Ashutosh Joshi

    This beautiful design can be termed ” Sub-sonic LCA “. But what are the good reasons IAF & IN both say ,no to it ?

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    Sudip Das

    @Shiv Aroor : Can we expect a write up on Indian Multi Role Helicopter from HAL

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      Shiv Aroor

      You bet!

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    Thought this important development and adds another weapon to our arsenal . Main problem is that we are giving Indian technology to the BAE which would be beneficial to their other programs. We worked hard and they will just copy our technology especially technology develop for LCA. We should not do that. We have our own things to work on and we should not be giving an advantage to a third country who will charge much more for that technology. . When so many systems are ours , why did they not create a new advance trainer for Indian purposes. Nice work but very afraid that our hard work would be stolen and we would not get proper earnings for them.

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      christopher crosby

      NOT ANOTHER ‘They will steal our technology’……Look maybe Russia, did but can you please give specific hard evidence on what technology has UK stolen?


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