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    Some illogical constructs in the article:
    “….removal of non-essential items (actually not a simple task on the Tejas, as maintainability roadblocks have shown)”.
    How does recurring maintenance troubles (due to lack of easy access to the items) equate with a one-time removal of non-essential items?

    “…The utility (and viability) of a non-stealth platform for weapons delivery by a country like India remains one of many questions..”
    What does a ‘country like India’ got to do with the utility of the idea???

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    Subho Seth

    That has be the stupidest idea I’ve heard – a Tejas UCAV. Not that the Tejas program has had a lack of stupid ideas in its development life-cycle. Whoever is throwing this idea around is clearly quite desperate and grasping for straws. It is inconceivable to adapt a manned platform into an UCAV.


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