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    Ravindra Sharma

    What happened to TATA’s 155 mm gun ? Much hype was created but now a deep silence , why ? And our own DRDO has also developed an advance version of Bofors but now no mention of that why ?

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    Kudos to this PM and RM. Parrikar is not there , but the work he put in a span of just 2 years is showing results.
    Now we have deals finalised for indigenous towed guns, Tracked guns for plains and light artillery for mountains. Just hope we go in for local wheeled artillery too, not import them. Now MoD must push for making these operational ASAP.
    We need to congratulate hanghwa techwin and L&T to start delivering quickly.

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    Sudip Das

    NAMO and Manohar Parrikar has delivered, three cheers for them

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    Okay…but now what is the fate of Arjun catapult and after the arrival of American howitzers what is going to happen to Dhanush artillery????
    I hear they have two variants with two different calibres.

    Innovate and then make is much better. We have already been license building.

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    R.G. Menon

    This is indeed a great news in Indian Defence Sector.. I am very sure that our Private Sector will rise up to the challenges and come out with flyng colours and go great distances in the future.


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