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    according to somebody she is Chamunda herself, then why we need army of 12 lakh soldiers and all should be retired and send ’em home

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    Sudip Das

    Experience and technical skills always matter , that’s why Manohar Parrikar achieved so much in a short span ? Can the same be said about Nirmala Sitharaman ?

    The authoress should have consedered the same before commenting .

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      @Sudip Das

      Perhaps you should consider learning English. What is an authoress? Is this another Ratshaker term? You guys have nothing better to do other than make words up.

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    Sudip Das

    @John: I have learnt english , kindly refer to Oxford or Webster or Collins english dictionary, you will know what authoress means. It is you who need to learn English , the way it is supposed to be spoken , or should I say the way it is spoken in England.


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