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    My view, Safran Engine (snecma/sep) work on kaveri, they implement M88 core already, now they work for stabilizing the thrust between 6t-9t, long path year of testing and fixing hot part, (it is not preparing cooking). After india will have its own engine, the key component of jet aircraft, after DRAL can support implementation and design for tejas mk2 avec Dassault Support. Rafale can have a payload of 15 tons weapons/bomb, on aircraft carrier, it is about 10ton payload. Tejas mk2 can have a payload of 3-4t, rafale catobar + tejas mk2 stovl will be good partner team, may be kaferi 9t can be surely used on specfic rafale made india by DRAL, but new engine more consumption, more weight, more increasing rcs and maintenance. F18 is end of cylce of architecture and design, good for strike, bad rcs, bad dogifighter, very heavy. only poltic reason can help him for win. Rafale is superior to F18 in all case, may F35C can have chance depending choice of kind of mission (not in rfp).. i know IAF is prefering rafale, MMRCA evaluation show the fail of F18 and was not able to takeof over 50% payload and need double number of fligth than rafale for complete evaluation. USA never share technology they want the customer totaly under control (iran experience), MOD want politic agrement with USA, doenst care of efficience air force. between rafale or f18, i take rafale, between rafale and F35, i take both, depend of kind mission.

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    An extremely sorry state of affairs. It was hoped that the Indian Navy would heave and shove if the N-Tejas fell somewhat short of requirements. After all, no less than Naval Commodore Maolankar himself said that the Tejas has long legs compared to its size.

    The Navy flew the Sea-Harriers for the longest possible time. These were extremely short-legged birds, which were clearly inadequate at the dawn of the 21st century. So, the Navy could at least have considered the N-Tejas in it’s present form, which is far more potent.

    The N-Tejas Mk.2 must be fitted with the most advanced version of GE-F-414 (or any other engine) with a thrust of at least 130 kN. This will undoubtedly bring the N-Tejas once again into contention with the Indian Navy.

    Finally, on a silver lining, the Navy’s support for the N-AMCA is seemingly positive. However, my optimism is very cautious given what has happened vis-a-vis the N-Tejas.

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        If larger engines won’t fit the Tejas, then Tejas can be made larger. Oh wait…it’s already being done with the Tejas Mk.2.

        There you go.


          Suresh Rao

          Or design and manufacture a twin engined Tejas Mk-3

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    I think Navy should fly atleast a squadron or two of LCA as shore based fighters on Gujrat/Maharashtra coast. Learn from them so the experience can applied to AMCA. The armed forces will benefit to learn by comparing LCA Navy and Air Force in terms of performance and reliability .

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      Suresh Rao

      Why only the Navy , even the IAF should acquire atleast 10 squadrons of Tejas Mk1A & 2

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    The least important question is which one. Both are jewels of Western technology and superior to anything they may encounter ( except maybe Saudi F15s and PLAN J15s?) in the Indo-Pacific. The important thing should be the procurement process should be fast, clean, transparent and non-controversial. I strongly suggest we include the leader of the Opposition in the scrutiny process and make it a nationally agreed deal. Or is that too much to hope for from Babudom and Netadom?


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