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    Why the hell I am not surprised by this decision of IAF. This shitty thing is going on for too long now.

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    Good to see IAF using NETRA extensively and providing constructive feedback. This is the way to go towards increasing local content.
    The lessons learnt here will also be applied to bigger planes minimising risks .

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    Actually, the requirement for the AWACS to have a refueling capability makes eminent sense from the perspective of gassing up the fighter escorts for the AWACS bird. This would enable the fighter escorts to stay on station for extended periods of time.

    On the other hand, the poor fighter jocks will have to make do with bottles to relieve themselves. Maybe DRDO’s brain talent can get to work on a pee suit for these fighter pilots…..

    Re NETRA, why donate a bird to a friendly country when many more NETRA birds are needed? Donations can be provided after IAF requirements have been met and crucial capability gaps filled.

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    Ravi Rikhye


    I rarely get to read your work, and its always a pleasure because you write so well and professionally. This is very informative. I was telling Ramana I don’t feel I can comment on this air refueling thing as US Navy is doing something even more stupid, using its already understrength F-18 squadrons to provide buddy tankage. I also cant comment on the moronic idea of giving one Embrarer for “diplomatic” reasons when we need more AEW/AWACS and ISR aircraft. Maybe they can give the 8 incoming AWACS to – say – Somalia as a diplomatic gesture.

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    We need to increase number of Netra . Quantity has a quality of its own. A few more of them flying will make it possible for us to have redundancy. AWACS will be targetted hard, planes like Airbus will be easy to take out if a swarm of missiles air to air are fired .

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    And with this aircraft/awacs is doomed to fail. No other country does that because it does not work. After five years IAF will tell you that this AWACS lacks range does not have enough space for future growth and that is why we need to buy a foreign AWACS.
    Remember arjun, Army asked for a lot changes in Mk1, constructive input. Like install a plough for removing mines. No other MBT has that. After few years, arjun mk2 was derided for being too heavy!

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    Major problem in this case is ….. Indian scientists are not able to develop our own heavy lift aircraft….. We are requesting airbus to modify as per IAF requirement…. Why our politicians are not understanding????? We need self reliance in defence sector…. Our scientists can think about Mars and moon mission …. We are self dependent in satelite and space technology (but we are again looking towards Russia and USA for space mission) …. But we are unable to produce a single fighter and transport aircraft…..
    We have visionary and educated youth …. Government must start research facilities in all universities all across India.
    We must achieve self dependence in defence sector for our country’s larger interest in


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