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    Good to see that the final C-17 (whitetail) will make its way to India, unfortunately India has the remarkable knack of ‘snatching defeat out the jaws of success..’. Over ten years ago, I speculated that India would need at least 32 C-17s to ensure operable logistics for its vast active arena; If India thinks it can go head to head with the China/Pakistan coalition with its current lax attitude to just about everything (except, perhaps space research), nothing fruitful will happen soon. The debacle with choosing its next fighter aircraft shows just how entrenched inertia is part of the Indian decision making procedure. Individually, Indian’s are some of the smartest people I know, but collectively, they seem to let the country down – of course it doesn’t help that their politicians are some of the worst politicians a country can have.

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    I don’t think it’s just India, or Australia & Qatar for that matter that now feel sad that they didn’t get more C-17 airframes while Boeing was actually bothering to go shill them. There are even some in the USAF I believe who wish they’d perhaps got a few more airframes.
    I find it curious, how so many operators of the type are only now recognising it’s worth now that production is well and truly shuttered.

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      Also on the topic of the systems that weren’t included in this final airframe prior to COMCASA being signed, given the exorbitant cost of this solitary final jet, I wonder if out of the kindness of their hearts, Boeing cuts a good deal to retrofit the systems at the next service interval.. /s


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