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    Manish Rajora

    Very nice article, but you should have posted much more photos and videos of the facility. Any way good one!

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    Suresh Rao

    The fact that worthless garbage Pappu Shahzade is scandalising the whole country with his scandalous and outrageous allegation that 30000 crores is being given to Anil Ambani is a testimony of the ineffectiveness of our Judiciary and the utter lack of character of a person with Prime Ministerial ambitions. The same rules did not apply when the CACTI gave 2 Metro Projects IN Delhi and in Mumbai to the same Anil Ambani “without any prior experience”. (CACTI= Corrupt Anti-Nationl Congress Treacherous “I”)

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      Whatever Anil touches, it turns to garbage. All ADAG companies, be it R Power, R Infra, or Reliance Communications, Reliance NAVAL and Engineering, are all turning into junk stocks, his group in billions of debt that could sink many major banks even. And this govt want us to believe that Dassault chose ADAG based on its “merit”? Yeah, right! If Modi goes out of power, truth will come to light. Otherwise he’ll destroy every institution in this country before we even begin to scratch the surface of this mega scam. Chowkidar chor hai!


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