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    Mig 21 being shot and its pilot being captured seems to have become a regular feature of our recent conflicts. No matter how good the LCA may turn out to be, the fact remains that whatever Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman is going through is because the LCA wasnt there when it should have been. This is all that matters and all that history will remember. Just fixing the LCA wont suffice, the whole MOD needs to be fixed.

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    The concern for replacing all old aircraft is very well founded. However, we can’t just phase out the entire MiG 21 fleet yet, not while the fighter squadron strength is at an all time low and the production rate of the LCA Tejas remains slow.

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    Gaurav Paul

    During Indo china war we were illequipped, during kargil our boys had no snow gear, now we have delay in commissioning a capable fighter, delay ing signing AK 103 d3al, ordering 50 RafaleM. Will our administrators always create a handicap in every conflict. We aspire to act like Israel but equip our forces worst than beggar pakistan, not done.

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    I have to ask – when will the Kaveri engine perform to IAF’s satisfaction, and be integrated into the Tejas\MWF platform?

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    1. We said same thing after Kargil, when Gen V P Malik said we will fight we have.
    20 years later , scene is pathetic,
    IAF has not got its fighters , light helicopters so vital in Himalayas.
    Army is just getting its artillery, its assault rifles are nowhere, arjun still prodding along.
    Indian navy has not gone far its sub acquisition program, no heavy weight torpedos decided for them .
    Do Babus of MoD ever care ? Please Carry an interview with Defence secretary himself.

    2. I love to see Tejas in a fighter role. It still cannot fire a gun, basic requirement of a fighter. So it can be used only in A2G role. Over enemy territory it is sort of defenceless in WVR firefight. When will that happen ? First flight in 2001, that was Long back….

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      With 2 X R-73Es with the DASH HMDS to cue them off-bore sight, not sure anybody can claim that the Tejas is “defenceless” in WVR firefight.

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    Actually what we need is an aircraft with no pilot at all. When automation and robotics are undergoing generational changes, it’s time to take stop putting pilots life at risk.

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    India’s defense budget of only $45 B is “grossly insufficient” to adequately modernize the military for a country surrounded by two well armed nuclear capable neighbors. Needless to say that it is dwarfed by China with a budget of $180 B. Further India’s penchant for military acquisitions from overseas is only matched by its appetite for malaise and corruption. If anything this face off with Pakistan should serve as a clarion call to patriots within the current administration who believe that the only good defense is a strong offense.

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    Ranjeet Singh

    Better our Tejas should have downed F-16 think what would have been response ?


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