Another bug…

My apologies. I’ve been holed up in bed with a very nasty stomach infection. That MCA story will be up Friday. No kidding.

22 thoughts on “Another bug…”

  1. Get well very very fast……. 🙂

    eagerly waiting for the MCA article… we want some breakthrough new information from you.

  2. get well soon Shiv!!! Perhaps you ate lot of food during your holidays 🙂 Look forward to reading ur articles especially the one on MCA!!!

  3. ;-(

    high time u installed an anti-virus software shiv…

    lets do tender, Babu style. Bidders are:

    Russia = Kaspersky.
    Usa = Symentec Norton
    Romania = Bitdefender.
    Israel = ZoneAlarm.

    And finally, Indian made Quickheal Antivirus (but Babu says it doesn't meet GSQR and failed AUCRT). LOL

    Fast forward 10 yrs – still no antivirus. Reason = all bidders blacklisted for corrupting Babu. But Babu is still sitting in his office. Outcome: Shiv's still not immune to bugs.


    jokes aside, anyway get well soon bro… take lot of water and rest and become OK soon.. looking 2 hear from u soon.

  4. Yup, all of us believe that is a real stomach bug and not a day off from work. yup, we seriously do. 😉

    ah, for the joy of the first year! Enjoy as much as you can, the rest of it is purely defensive strategy. :-))

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