DRDO: Indian Laser Guided Bomb Kits Successfully Tested By IAF

DRDO Statement: The Aeronautical Development Establishment (ADE) has successfully designed, developed & carried out the user trials of laser guided bomb kits at Pokhran with the participation of the IAF. Flight tests have demonstrated the accuracy, reliability and performance of these precision air launched bombs. The tests have been conducted after extensive, simulation, design validation, ground experiments followed by series of flight evaluation. A number of high tech components have also been developed by Indian industries for this advanced weapon package. Indian Air Force is expected to upgrade a large number of unguided bombs to this standard based on the excellent results seen today.

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19 thoughts on “DRDO: Indian Laser Guided Bomb Kits Successfully Tested By IAF”

  1. woohoooo!!!!paki must be watching dis too and dialin unkil SAM number 4 more LGV conversion KIT hehehe.. BTW 1 more feather in DRDO hat..

  2. [email protected]:05 pm, the ADE Sudarshan is not any TOT from Raytheon, take a look at the popout control surfaces. I do understand you Pakis are always upset at DRDO, since you jokers cannot even make a screw on your own without your mai-baap China holding your hands, but learn to hide your jealousy, once in a while.

  3. anon 10:05 pm, paki you will never accept DRDO's capabilities. Go to your dad china for something to be painted.

  4. Yes, this LGB conversion kit resembles paveway but then it also resembles griffin. Does this mean that it is licence produced griffin?

    I see more or less world over every LGB conversion kit in its weight class looks similar to each other.

  5. Lets not beat the whistleblower. The indiastrategic report is dated 2007, a year before DRDO Sudarshan emerged.
    How often do we hear DRDO develop weapons without beating drums in praises for years? This case requires investigation.

    Rahul, Different LGBs do look different. DRDO Sudarshan does looks exactly like Paveway II and no other LGB, certainly not Griffin.

    Paveway II

    Paveway 3

    French AASM

  6. Anonymous @ 8:12 Sorry for not being specific. With Griffin i meant Griffin-3. This is the link to pic of Griffin-3 on IAI's official website.


    Yes this "Indiastragtic" report is dated 2007 but it doesn't says that deal was finalized and ToT to OFB has taken place. Correct me if i'm wrong but there is no article on net which says that deal was signed ever, even lately.

    Can't say about drum beating and designation(Sudarshan) but there was an article in FORCE feb 2007 copy which talks about ARDE's work on air launched munition and specifically talks about development of kits for converting dumb bombs into air launched precision guided weapons with the help of glide kits.

  7. The question is, can we make as many of these as we want? If yes, then even if it is a paveway copy, from a strategic point of view it is still a huge leap from imported kits.

    Now for some GPS guided stuff so that we wont have to worry about clouds and laser illuminators.

  8. Since its not an imported tech the question "can we produce as many as we want?" doesn't stand….

    May be this LGB kit also have GPS aid.

  9. Well we Indians don't mind from where the technology came from, all we ask..Is it good enough to kick Paki ass?Accurately we all know where ?

  10. Sudarshan wud have emerged still ealier if at all few demotivators (as above)had kept their mouth shut.
    All LGBs more r less luk similar, b'coz paveway r any other LGB has emerged first, u have the reference, otherwise……..

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