FIRST IMPRESSIONS: India’s RTA-70 Regional Aircraft Inside

Previous posts on the RTA-70 are here.

20 thoughts on “FIRST IMPRESSIONS: India’s RTA-70 Regional Aircraft Inside”

  1. These pictures were probably supplied by some eager supplier of aircraft interiors. I'm not sure why NAL would start with the design of the aircraft toilet over other flight critical systems.

  2. i hope they get a US/European engine for this….no one in the right mind will fly an aircraft with a indian govt / PSU made engine

  3. pathetic.. no where else someone designs the toilet of an aircraft first.. .. these set of pics can be designed by any basic designer in couple of days…

  4. Seeing the fate of Saras I have zero hope for this turning out to be anything meaningful. Problably it will end similarly with NALHAL running to Russia for assistance and the result being an uncompetitive aircraft that only Air India(a similarly uncompetitive airline) will buy due to government pressure.

    HAL should have taken up Sukhoi's offer to join the Russian Regional Jet program when it had the chance.

  5. how different is this from Embaer or Bombadier? The only good thing is it has pleasing color palette done using Photoshop. Do our folks even know how to modularize and build aircrafts…use new age carbonfiber developed through grinding their bodies and mind for LCA…we need to see more of the basic design principles and material technologies to make this worthwhile…is photoshop something we will see for next 20 years before all the paid scientists, engineers retire cosily…what the heck is wrong with our design, prototype and delivery systems…DELIVERY SYSTEMS IN INDIA ARE WOEFULLY SCREWED..NO Responsibility, no plan and no CONSCIENCE…only finger pointing and CORRUPTION

  6. And this is all we'll ever see of it! Enjoy! Only NAL would work on the interior before the plane even got off the drawing board.

  7. Now that they are showing off their designs, they better meet ever single advertised expectations. I would have rather issued some basic specs and shown off the finished product to surprize the viewers at the end. The thing is our industry has a reputation of raising the expectations and not meeting them. I hope they break away from that norm. I wish them all the best in delivering a great product in a timely manner and the one that meets the expectations.

  8. Excellent photos Shiv. Thanks a lot.

    On another note, with chronic corruption in every sphere (commonwealth games, Army ration scam, foodgrain scam etc) do we really hope that any foreign arms purchases like MRCA, PAK-FA, Scorpene, C-130J can be scam-free ? Are sooo many airplanes and subs and tanks really that badly wanted ?

  9. For all those talking about the basic specs to be posted before interiors, this is NOT the first article on RTA. The previous article on RTA on this same blog was posted with basic specs. Please do some search.

  10. In response to Anon @1:07, everyone knows the aircraft specs, but no one cares about the interior. More often than not, the PSUs have trouble meeting basic performance parameters, let alone aesthetics. It's called putting the cart before the horse. It's just stupid and wasteful. Who cares what the interior looks like if the aircraft is underpowered, can't be flown without 100% visibility, and has no payload? Get your priorities straightened.

  11. The depth of corruption is not only in politicians and defence industries but in the mind of common man of Our nation. How many engineers here really wants to work. How many among us really wants to do perfectly our job, what ever it may be. How many defence PSU personnels hope big and work to achieve it? Sadly this ideology is followed in our private sectors too.

  12. Except private sectors have an incentive to work: they get promotions based on performance rather than seniority and political patronage, and unlike PSUs if they don't work they lose thier jobs and go bankrupt.

    That's why HAL and the other PSUs keep lobbying against giving private sector the defence market: they know that if someone like Tata was allowed to build helicopters(like the proposed Tata-Eurocopter partnership) they'd go out of buisness.

  13. This is awesome stuff-so what do we make out of this. That the interior decoration department at NAL is the most pro-active department and should probably team up with Bangalore & Hyderabad high-end apartment builders to offer them interior design services. At least they will earn their salary-which is a BIG achievement for a public-sector employee.

    as for building the actual plane which will not crash in its second or third flight-that would only happen when NAL is privatised and the whip makes contact with you-know-what. Till then-bring on the chairs/sofas and the lighting; those are the capabilities of NAL, right?

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