In Vizag For Induction Of Indian Navy’s New Akula-II

This is going to be one hell of a week: I’ll be in Visakhapatnam on April 4 for the commissioning into service of INS Chakra, the Akula-II nuclear attack submarine the Indian Navy has taken on lease from Russia for ten years.

My friend and India Today network colleague Sandeep Unnithan has scooped this photo and a bunch of others of the erstwhile K-152 Nerpa after it was handed over to the Indian Navy. Will post photos and videos from the commissioning from Visakhapatnam.

Photo / ©India Today

12 thoughts on “In Vizag For Induction Of Indian Navy’s New Akula-II”

  1. paki always belive eet ka javab pathar when india purchase 3 AWACS THEN THEY BUY 4 eraeye india make brahmos then the make 700+ babar raad indialeas akula for trening they buy 6 qing class chines sub who armed ballistic missile

  2. Hello Shiv,

    I keep coming back to correct few tiny mistakes. I know you are a impulsive person. Okay, the mistake is "commissioning into service of INS Chakra". It should read "commissioning of INS Chakra into Indian navy". Perhaps, concise the next sentence to, "Russia has leased this vessel to the Indian Navy for 10 years". The above sentences are precise and captures all you want to say. And you need not put his comment so that everyone sees it.

    Enjoy the Sub

  3. We should keep in mind that Nerpa is no doubt a A-class submarine, but at the same time a single nerpa can't monitor the Bay of bengal, Arabian sea & Indian ocean at the same time. We require atleast 3 more such SSN's immediately considering the poor condition of our diesel vintage subs. Apart from that both our Govt. & opposition are fighting against each other and passing the bucks in defence deals. By now we all have understood that our defence PSU's are worst of the lot, and totally incapable of producing modern weaponry and we have to depend on US,Europe,Russia for our security.

  4. Heard that the lease does not allow the sub to be used during War Times. What is the use of this sub apart from training our crew for Arihant I II III IV which are SSBNs and not Attack Subs.
    We desperately need to own an SSN soon to patrol deeper waters and check Chinese Incursions.

  5. on a different note Shiv, respect you but not the India today reporter you mention. I wonder if he realizes what he has done, knowingly or unknowingly… that the Chief went to court after his India Today hit job on "self before service". So easy to character assasinate people..especially with a pen. My apologies for this note. Unnithan has done a great disservice to the nation.

  6. the terminator

    Though a very potent vessel, the acquisition of just ONE Akula-II nuclear attack submarine is NOT enough to deter our enemies such as China which has always believed in numerical superiority.

    India needs at least 3 more to provide the muscle to the Navy in patrolling the IOR as well as the South China Sea.

    Our indigenous Arihant and its sister vessels can provide the triad part of our nuclear arsenal.

    It takes vision and political will to see the dangers ahead. Whichever political party rules India, national security and integrity should never be gambled away for political expediency and childish rhetoric to garner votes at the expense of the other.

    Since massive amount of monies are being spent in the neighbourhood on defence, it is only prudent that available monetary assets are utilized wisely to build up our Armed Forces.

    Throwing away billions of dollars on just one sophisticated defence item does not enhance the overall defensive/offensive preparedness of the nation.

    The Indian Navy needs at least 3 aircraft carriers and a dozen nuclear powered submarines of the Akula-II class apart from a variety of surface vessels to put up a meaningful threat to any potential adversary.

  7. Enjoy your time Shiv, looking forward to lots of pics of the INS Chakra. @Anon: 9:48pm: we already are building 5 Arihant class N-subs, hope to induct them by 2020. Of these the first one, INS Arihant is due for commissioning in the next few months, while the INS Aridaman, the 2nd sub in this class is due for year end launch, while hull fabrication is on now for the 3rd N-sub. Looking forward also eagerly to the time when these subs would be equipped with SLBMs like the K-4, K-15 missiles.

  8. Well, the navy definitely seems to be on a good acquisition spree. Lets look at the Navy P-8i poseidons, sub fleet led by Scorepene / Akula / Arihant, 2 carrier fleets, unmanned aircraft, not to mention the surface ships..the indian navy is on track to being a good well run 21st century navy.

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