Prahaar Test Postponed

The test of India’s new tactical missile Prahaar, scheduled for today, has been postponed to later this week for unspecified reasons. Detail later.

[@1722HRS]: The Prahaar test-firing is scheduled for tomorrow morning, weather permitting.

[7.22AM / JUL 18] Nope, not happening. Sometime this week, likely Thursday (July 21).
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50 thoughts on “Prahaar Test Postponed”

  1. oh shit was waiting from morning to see the missile….i think Dr.Sarswat hurried a lot in announcing…there was doubt on weather…may that is the reason….which is the next date shiv….


  3. I remember the news which announced that Prahar will be tested on Sunday. News clearly stated that "Weather permitting test will be conducted on Sunday". Nobody would like to test a missile under an thunderstorm.

  4. coincidence or what?Reading an article about the SS-45 missile, Launch of which was postponed just before an hour before schedule time to correct the Guidance algorithm, But few seconds after launch the missile splashes into the water. Hope the same won't be repeated for "Prahar".

  5. Anon 2.08:
    Having morning ablutions on time is a great thing, Just look to the west, motion is not passed until pressure is applied by Uncle sam.

  6. weather is extremely bad in Puri, Odisha, so in ITR Chandipur.

    We better wait fr the test later this week.

  7. There is a low pressure depression on Orissa coast, hence lots of rain and thunder. Maybe this inclement weather has caused a postpontment.

  8. wouldn't it have been a miracle if prahaar was tested on time, on budget, on quality, on schedule for india. well, 15 years after its induction the pirthvi is still testing so whatever. prahaar wont be inducted before 5 years time at least though looks like we re gona see this sometime far far away in future: "Sunday, July 17, 2021
    Prahaar Tested Finally"

  9. Anon 3:59 Dont be such an jerk. Prithvi is not 'still being tested' it is called constantly improving design. Agni-III started as 3000-3500 Range missile but it now is capable of almost ~5500 km thanks to development. Also, we often conduct testing of inventory i.e. random checking of stuff we already have to see if it is working properly. Something that good militaries like those of USA and Russia do on a regular manner.

    Most importantly test is scheduled for tomorrow. If you are criticizing DRDO for an tiny delay (most likely 'cuz of weather) like this then you are an jerk (or troll), plain and simple.

  10. What if the weather is bad during a war with PakistanChina….Are we gonna postpone the launch until the weather gets clear enuf ?? lol.. hope they prepare the missile to be able to operate in an all-weather environment….

  11. just criticising DRDO by some pakis do not make it look bad. they hate it because these weapons have been developed to stop their terrorism and cowardliness. their chinese and american donated weapons.

  12. Some DRDO supporters (obviously DRDO employees) are equivalent to pakis I feel.. Do you expect appreciation from everyone for everything you do? Stop calling people pakis when they criticize you… Grow up kids !

  13. @ 2:08 pm: in pakistan, even the morning ablutions don't happen on time, which reflects their constipated thinking towards India. Get a life and go to the loo and try again in the interest of Paki tax payers..

    The True Indian Tax Payer
    Jai Hind

  14. Seems right decision. If I were going to test an missile and check its trajectory I definitely wont do it in rainy day. First launch is always made in good weather to properly measure performance. Airplanes regularly fly in rain and storms but no airplane is tested in storm during first flight.

  15. Israeli engineer who has the firing codes is in vacation it seems. It would take some time to contact him and until then, testing is postponed.

    Jokes apart.

    It is an all weather one. But to test its parameters, it has to be done with at clear weather. It is like asking a person with learner license to drive in busy street saying that it have to drive that way in future.

  16. sure…u want the first test to be done during bad weather…we can afford to have weather playing havoc with the test data!!!

    even the facade of logic seems to slipping away

  17. What if the weather is bad during a
    real WAR and we have to fire the missile then? Will we say – weather did not permit us to fire it? Do we undertake any bad weather test firings of our missiles?

  18. OKie I think I have an idea.. We could try and develop technologies to create artificial bad weather for our enemies, which inturn would have HIGH impact on enemies's logistics, to the least…This shd take a while, but this is possible as per my understanding of our atmosphere… oops did I just give away the idea to our enemies' as well who might be reading this ??!!

  19. okay, this makes me ask another question.. Dont we have the capability to predict weather…lol… for God's sake, bring in the weather forecasters if we dont wanna launch on an extremely bad weather like this…

  20. The Hindu reports that Prahaar will replace the Pinaka and Smerch systems. I do not understand how this can be possible, they have totally different range and use. Anyone more knowledgeable can please shed more light on this.

  21. @anon 11:25 This test was scheduled almost an month ago. Nobody agency in world can tell you how weather is going to be after an month.

  22. @1125
    sometimes they try to sneak in a test even when they know the weather might not be good enough….a few hours might be good enough to test it…if they put it off..they might have to delay it significantly based on other factors….

  23. To [email protected]: Unfortunately that's the state of journalism in India. Another example of such ill-informed and misguided journalism comes from tarmak007, which claims that the Prahaar is derived from the AAD endo-atmospheric interceptor. Such jokers even go as far as defying the laws of physics by claiming that the AAD, which is launched from a single launcher mounted on a TATRA vehicle, can easily be modified to become a Prahaar and be accommodated within a six-cell launcher mounted on the same TATRA truck! How a missile with 0.5-metre diameter can ever become a battlefield support missile armed with cluster sub-munitions defies all logic. It gets even better with this tarmak007: its report is now openly contradicting what Dr V K Saraswat ha stated about the Prahaar's range being 150km. Instead, this tarmak007 fella's claiming the range to be only 90km!!!

  24. It can be said that Prahaar will spearhead the Pinaka and Smerch systems.

    Prahaar being an accurate point attack system may be costlier and may have to be used sparsely. Whereas Pinaka and Smerch being somewhat less accurate area attack systems and are supposed to be fired mostly in salvo or barrages.

  25. Bad weather!!!!Let us remember that any equipment is initially tested in optimal conditions to establish the basic operational parameters.Only after validation and finalization of the basics you go on ahead with the learning curves and risks.Secondly these tests are NOT CHEAP.No one would want an initial test to go up in smoke by unnecessary risks.Ever noticed how initial aircraft testing is done with wheels down,conservative dynamics and optimal flight conditions.Do we shout then that the plane will not fly in bad weather!!!!

  26. This tarmak007 dude seems set upon a course that directly contradicts each and every utterance in the recent past of Dr V K Saraswat. For instance the so-called DRDO 'insider sources' he quotes claim that "today we don't have a good tactical missile for any conventional role". Well if that's the case, then these alleged DRDO sources are either just imaginary and non-existent (by conveniently overlooking the existence of BrahMos), or they're challenging the DRDO itself, since it is the DRDO that has been persistently claiming that the Prithvi-2 can hit targets out to 350km with CEP of less than 10 metres!!! The dude also claims that (lolz) one canister can hold a maximum of six missiles–something that's a total physical absurdity! It was Saraswat himself who had earlier said that the road-mobile launcher can carry six Prahaar missiles, and not six missiles inside a single canister. In all, a bundle of contradictions emanating from these 'desi' journos.'s getting better by the hour…another 'desi' patrakaar dude called Chacko Joseph now says this: "Prahaar is a solid fueled version of the Prithvi P1 (SS-150) with a range of 150 Kms. DRDO spokesman told Frontier India said that Prahar is is more advanced than the prithvi P1 which was the first ever In surface to surface designed and produced by the DRDO. Information is scant on the Prahaar system, but, as per secretary, Dept of Defence, and Director General of DRDO, Dr V.K. Saraswat, six missiles can be loaded on to a single launcher, making it more cost-effective than others. He had further said that ‘Prahaar’ tactical short-range missile bridges the gap between short-range rocket systems like the 40-kilometer range ‘Pinaka’ multi-barrel rocket or 90 kms Smerch and the Prithvi III (SS-350) – Naval Version (350 km range with a payload of 500 kg). This indicates that Prithvi Missile could be replaced by Prahaar with 150 km, 250 km and 350 km ranges."
    I would love to see how six solid fueled versions of the Prithvi P1 can be housed in one road-mobile launch vehicle (lolz).

  27. anon 10:11 PM paki why you are burning when you get anything begging from china and america? is not those drone attacks enough for you, also need hits from Prahaar. but this is not like predator, it will hit hard on you.

    it is a all weather missile but as electro optical tracking system do not work perfectly in such weathers, thats why postponed.

  28. DRDO can deliver on time if the work culture is improved. Just have a look at the muck being thrown by Scientist G at another blog titled very apt for the R&D organization. The actual cause could be the supplier problem.

  29. @ anon paki 12:45 AM… thx for the explanation… really appreciate your response and time, though u were a busy 'paki' (dont pretend to be an Indian by calling others 'paki') getting spanked by American drones…. now get back to ur cave and beg for ur next meal….Did u design prahaar btw?? ru with DRDO??…lolz..lmao…look in the mirror who is burning now….

  30. All that we keep reading about India's missiles is that we test-fired such-n-such a missile and have started production on another such-n-such missile, or that such-n-such a test was successful, or that such-n-such a missile hit its target during a test over the Indian Ocean, and so on and on, etc., ad infinitum.

    Nowhere do we ever get to know how many missiles India has in its arsenal to give Indians any faith in their defense. After all, we all somewhat know how many submarines India has, how many aircraft carriers, how many total ships, how many fighter planes, how many transport planes, how many battle tanks, how many soldiers, but we never get to know how many missiles we have, even though we know approximately how many nuclear bombs India may have.

    I thus conclude that India talks and talks about its long range missiles, but really has no strong missile deployment.

    Some Indians think that India has developed deployment ability as soon as a new weapon is tested. Nothing can be more ridiculous and ludicrous. The vain ego of Indians is unfortunately satisfied with small talk.

    My further conclusion is that India has been bullshitting everyone on the level of their missile deployment. India has also been bulshitting on its nuclear bomb numbers. In fact, Pakistan already has more nuclear bombs than India, as claimed by numerous analysts.

    Bullshit India! I mean real, Bullshit India!

  31. @Anon 3:08 Prahar is successfully test fired so keep your whining to yourself. India has much more capable military and an massive economy that is ten times larger than Pak's. Doosre ki aankh ka tinka dekhne waale jara apni aankh me pada lattha bhi dekh le!

  32. @ Anon @ 5:54.

    You really didn't read 3:08's article carefully … and you coudn't even understand what the person said about test firing successfully …

    When India gets its shit knocked out by a joint attack by China and Pakistan, we'll discover who does the whining. It'll probably be you running with your tail between your legs.

    You have only one eye that looks just to Pakistan. You must be blind in the other eye that can't look at China.

    People like you wish to keep India deliberately weak. You are the traitors. Instead of seeking strength, you allow weakness.

    But don't worry, most Indians think like bullshit you!

    Bullshit India! Bullshit 5:54!

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