REPORT: Raptor Likely At Aero India 2011

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  1. I think in one of your earlier reports on the Stryker demo at Babina, you had quoted an Army officer "they are seducing us with their weapons".I subscribe to Air Forces magazine and most of the time there is always some report about "concerns' about the servicability of the F22. And pray who is the idiot who titled it ? "Smartest fighter" ? DUh !

  2. The F-22 raptor has a lot of aura around. I am sure its a good fighter but i am not too sure if it is as great as it is made out to be by the american media. Mind you the f22 is never put up against foreign air forces participating in red flag exercises. The americans prefer to put up legacy fighters like the f15's and 16's even against fighters like the su30mki with raptors parked on the tarmac,WHY?1
    The possibilities are many, they dont want foreign aircraft to pick up its radar signature, if any. They dont want foreigners to know if it is or is not as stealthy as it is made out to be and lastly there is a possibility of it being shot down bringing all the hype crashing to the ground. The usaf badly needs this plane and they prefer not to see it in reality as they fear the dod may question its accqisition as it costs around 140 million dollars a piece besides being bad propaganda to its actual performance that foreigners would come to know of.

  3. Wow ! ! Looks like Ankil is doing everything to please bharatiya janta. Is this an indication that IN may look for JSF for its fleet.This has no connection but its really maha rare. Lets see if it really comes. My Guess, Aero India 2015 – J-20 and J-17 Thanda – ar 😀

  4. This should make sense, since the GOI had been dragging its feet all along, to choose a final winner for the MMRCA. Negotiations were going on in secret and now that the CHENGDU(J-20) is out, the pressure is on the US Gov to make the RAPTOR available for export. And the winner is the F-16IN(Super Viper),which will eventually lead to the F-22. Let the Indian Air Force get the best in the world, they deserve it! I am looking forward to the day when I will see my brothers, sons and friends flying these greatest machines the world has ever seen. Keeping the skies of India free of unwanted elements.(Good for you Philip (anon)in B'lore you get to see one of the best airshows ever). Jai Hind!

  5. Hi

    Can someone please tell me if general public is allowed to watch the show other than the last day(13th Feb). Will be really greatful if u could help…


  6. I am ashamed to say Mr.Arror but Headlines today is extremely biased channel…I thought HT only contested for the truth..but regarding the Indian flag hoisting in jammu your channel's support to UPA Govt. is quite evident..being a responsible journalist I hope you have the courage to reason and also not to discard my comments.

    I know this is not the right forum but I just want to let our folks to know…

    I dont belong to any rival media house nor I have any trace to the political fraternity…this is just an ordinary Indian requesting all to just reason, whether its wrong to hoist our national flag in our own country??..

  7. wat a load of crap!lol.its not impossible but abhi time ana baki h.uncle sam will try real hard to get our confidence.CHILL maro bhaiya,ENJOY THE MOMENT!

    US is doing so after the china flight tested j20.may b that pressure n wanna show em that they will support us in any cofrontations between 2 countries.we better b careful.

  8. mathew Dallas — wow wow, typical NRI traitor talk. Everybody knows that, India has signed PAKFA/FGFA and already started AMCA (Indian stealth). I think, it would take 1000 Mahatma Gandhis to stop this love for foreign mall. Have some patriotism Mr.Dallas. Don't be blinded by I am leading a great life in insulting Texas. Indian economy is growing and we are only seeing the tip of an iceberg. More to come. When are u going to find a job in India? Mr Mathews

  9. F-22 is not sold to USA closest friends (u.k,japan,france or israel) & u poor ppl r day dreaming of having it. I pity U.

  10. Nit_S: Not to encourage a non-topic debate here, but — Nonsense. Don't know what you saw on our channel. I was at work the entire day, anchoring too, and i thought we had balanced coverage of an issue that people usually have a really extreme view on. for example, we had omar abdullah on the one hand, and anupam kher on the other. On the other hand, if you have a grievance as a viewer, you should try getting in touch with the channel through the channel's website.

  11. Nit_S

    I object the way BJP is using "Republic Day" and our "national flag" to gain cheap political brownie points. What have they done when they were in power? It's the most stupid party in India which tries to gain popularity by playing on emotions of simple people. Let Kashmiris hoist the national flag in their own soil, who is Advani, Sushma to force people of this country to show their "patriotism"? I am a Hindu and a proud Indian. I want my fellow countrymen to genuinely love his country and not fake it out due to antics of treacherous illiterate quasi criminal politicians.

  12. @ Shiv

    Well shiv i think you are best in defense Reporting and this is your specialty please stick to it.
    But you cant ignore that there is lots "Natha Reporting in HT"

    @ mathew dallas

    Please keep F16 "[email protected] price" to your self and send Few F22 for evaluation purpose than we decide it fate

  13. that is gr8 news … I am sure the Indian aircraft engineers can learn a great deal about the Raptor … oops .. I meant "COPY – PASTE" the whole Raptor bird for the Indian airforce ….

  14. @anon 7:24
    Hey, you sound more like a Russian crony than a Patriot. Yes everyone, except you, know that the PAK-FGFA-T-50-SU35-HAL-NAL is still made by the RUSSIANS. Be kind enough to let the IAF have the best in the world(F-22 RAPTOR). And meantime while you click away on your DELL and sip BUD.. don't forget the KINGFISHER… be patriotic..Philip!

  15. the only purpose for this is to show the rest of the world how ahead the US technology is nothing to do with any sales in Hindi it is well defined as "bunder ghudki" the raptor is the most advanced plane in service right now but it is not that advanced but the size comparable to a medium aircraft with the EW suite comprabale to larger aircraft it will be aruguable if it can take on 2 Su 30 MKI at once in longrange engagment or a close dogfight the outcome can later determine how superior it will be FOR now please stop biting each other.

  16. @anon 7:24
    heh!heh! swallow this bitter pill, it will cure your American ills! INDIA TO BE GIVEN ACCESS TO JSF(HEADLINES). I am glad you are not the PM.

  17. "Mind you the f22 is never put up against foreign air forces participating in red flag exercises."

    This is not true.
    4example the US F22 demonstrated there power against JASDF F15s. The outcome was 148:0

    ON RF where a lot of "electrosmog sucker" are of course they dont use it or use it with things what falses there RCS, ems…

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