VIDEO: Prahaar Missile Launch

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  1. Raman Kumar Singh


    I personally believe that you are THE best defense journalist in India. Your network is great and you are on your toes for defense news. The same is depicted in your blog.

    Keep up the good work going.

  2. Stella Mary Albertine (Sussex)

    Dear Livefist,

    Great. I will have to agree with Rama Kumar Singh. You are the best defence journalist India has ever seen. The very fact that you have access to such high-quality video is a testimony to the fact that you have an excellent network. Keep up the good work. God Bless.

  3. In tandem with Brahmos, the Prahaar is the most suitable weapon to instantly demolish all the immediate frontal targets and activities of the enemies, may it be Pak or even Sino. The viability of this system against Sino may be enhanced if possible.

  4. Hi Shiv, I personally believe tht the DRDO really needs expert audio/video professionals to document n record such tests. Half of the war is just won by depicting the lethality of such perfect weapons. Anyways , good to have a successful launch of such smart weapons by our scientists.

  5. Satellite and drone surveillance for locating targets, and Prahaar, Pinaka and Smerch for smashing them.
    I guess the only thing lacking is a JSTARS kind of a platform. Quite possible that we will soon not need Cold Start. We will just claim a part of Pakistan as ours and destroy any military target that ventures there.

  6. Before using ATACMS (read:Prahar) Americans were using Lance Nuclear delivery systems similar to Pakistan's Hatf IX. American system had twice the range (120 km) of tiny ranged Hatf IX (60 km) but America stopped using that about 20 years ago.
    After that America developed ATACMS (like Prahar) and is using it heavily. Every target hit by ATACMS in op. desert storm was reduced to rubble.
    In my opinion Prahar is better than ATACMS as only two ATACMS can be carried by an M270A1 and only one missile per HIMARS. While our slimmer Prahar can be carried in 6 and can be launched in any direction without relocating and in addition Prahar is lot more accurate. ATACMS CEP <50 m while Prahar has an amazing cep of <10 m. Now add in the fact that ATACMS is from America which spends more money on military than rest of the world combined while we pay peanuts to our defense agencies and I become really really impressed with DRDO. Seriously we are proud of you guys.

  7. It is funny though when Nasr was shown it was seen as nothing, yet this should be extremely good. There is unfortunately a lot of baseless discussion based on nationalism. Good job to provide us the latest of the launch.

  8. Hi Shiv

    I echo the same as everyone here, you really have done good job in bringing all the defence updates..keep up the good work as you form the lifeline of us defence enthusiasts giving us the regular dose defence news..:)

  9. [email protected]:52 pm

    nasr was seen as nothing, because it is rather stupid to put a nuke weapon on a 90 km missile, that too one which is as usual procured from china and shown as pakistani. a short range weapon with nukes, which shows that for all the pakistani verbal attacks against the indian army, and claims of conventional strength, they are weak. this was admission of the same.

    they have to hit indian battle formations with nukes and that too within their own territory, given these fast moving formations will start attacking into pakistan with speed.

    so the dismissal of nasr was about multiple things
    -pakistan taking a chinese missile, painting it green and calling it an arab name
    – a flawed strategy, which involves using n-weapons at beginning itself and admitting to own conventional weakness
    – does not take into account indians doctrine which says, a n attack on any indian formation will be treated with disproportionate response
    – is not even proven to be effectiver or based on the latest tech

    in contrast prahar is
    – based on the high speed AAD which in turn gives it very fast response time
    – example of indian ingenuity in adopting technology for multiple needs
    – is designed for high firepower, six to a truck plus 24 different kinds of warheads. will give cold start additional support and also will not escalate the threat to n weapons, right tool for the job
    -has more range than nasr, made and designed locally, allowing for massproduced without some showpiece claims like nasr
    -transparency, any person can see the design heritage between aad and prahar missiles

    overall prahar is hence a better capability than some nasr. it is of indian heritage, aptly named, fits in with our doctrine, is able to be produced in bulk and is a proactive step by indian industry to meet army needs.

    so now please stop with the claims of nationalism whereas it is logic that backs prahar.

  10. Have they thought of feeding the countdown to the camera operators? That way they might keep the missile in the picture instead of having to jump and play catch-up.

  11. Is the Prahar a modified surface-to-surface version of the AAD? Dimensions are very similar. Also would explain how DRDO managed to bring it out so quickly. Possible?

  12. Is the Prahar a modified surface-to-surface version of the AAD? Dimensions are very similar. Also would explain how DRDO managed to bring it out so quickly. Possible?

  13. Super fast. Disappear in the cloud with in seconds.

    Proves ancestry to missile defence which need fast missile. Congrats DRDO.

  14. Prahaar launch news on your blog is like reporting at the speed of thunder!

    Great work Shiv.

    One query, is Prahaar a modified AAD missile? Both look identical.

  15. paki nuclear nasr is a bluff against Indian might which pakis cannot compete with donated weapons from US and china.

  16. it seems like prahar can be used in bmd and they may mass build and place at strategic areas and shiv any news on tejas

  17. Congratulations to DRDO scientists! Shiv, you mostly malign them or mock them on your blog. It would be only fair that you actually give them credit when its due, such as in this case. Prahaar seems to be a very handy mobile missile that'll really be very useful in obliterating PA formations and forward bases during any conflict.

  18. Excellent news. Just what we needed to keep the defensive edge. I can see a few Pakistani terror camps being blown to pieces with this quick/stealthy missile! Now we just need the political balls to lob a few across the border!

  19. those talking about pakistani missiles you must know that all of them are old or rejected chinese weapons. all of them have their chinese ancestors like M-11, M-18 etc etc. Jf-17 = rejected FC-1. alkhalis = rejected MBT 2000. nasr is another chinese MBRL and the pakistan army added the lies of nuclear capable.

  20. It is time to give credit where it is due. In recent years DRDO has done a lot to enhance India's security. If our enemies have held back, indigenous missile systems are one of the main reasons. We have to invest more and trust DRDO more to increase our deterrance capability. It is time the services also realize the importance of working with DRDO to develop and use domestic equipment. The Government on its part should invest heavily in critical areas irrespective of user commitment or adverse reports by media and CAG. The importance of domestic success is many times more important than the monetary cost. The people of India will surely support such a policy. DRDO should continue to publicise its successes to garner public support. Well done DRDO, we definitely appreciate your contributions.

  21. The media only reports successes of DRDO but puts out reams on cost overrun and time overrun in DRDO projects. Have they ever done a report on the importance of domestic efforts. They have got company from CAG and the IAF wallahs. Has anybody ever seen a favorable report from the CAG ? All these people take pleasure in making patriots uncomfortable.

  22. Anon @ 3:45am – My initial comment was targeted at Terror camps. Not cities. Unless Paki cities are equal to terror camps…I can see the confusion though!…

    Make sure you remove the Chinese wrapping / stickers before you fire your 'missels' you wouldn't want it to backfire would you?

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