Livefist is Indian journalist Shiv Aroor’s two time award-winning site on Indian defence, aerospace & military affairs, currently the world’s most visited, quoted & referenced new site on the subject. One of the pioneers of mil-blogging in the country, Livefist is now a full-fledged news & intelligent analysis resource, rapidly updated, fastest with the news and with a steady stream of agenda-setting exclusive reports that others follow.

Livefist continues to be a chosen port of call for all things related to Indian defence, including incisive forward-looking analysis and intelligence on developing stories. In June 2012, Livefist was judged best Regional Defence blog at the DefenceIQ Blogging Awards 2012, and then again in 2013. Since Livefist began in 2007, it has consistently broken news in Indian defence, with a record for consistently getting it fastest, most accurate and getting it best.

Livefist Editor Shiv Aroor is currently Editor & Senior Anchor with TV news station India Today TV in New Delhi. He spent three years before that reporting defence at The Indian Express. Shiv has reported from conflict zones in Kashmir, Sri Lanka and Libya. For the latter, he won two awards – an eNBA award for excellence in reporting for Aaj Tak and a News Television Award for best current affairs reporting. His reports have been and continue to be published in Aviation Week & India Today, India’s highest readership current affairs magazine.

While Livefist is currently entirely the work of Shiv Aroor, well-known commentators who have contributed columns to Livefist over the years include Dr Ashley J Tellis of the Carnegie Endowment, and Admiral (Retd) Arun Prakash, former chief of the Indian Navy, serving and retired officers of the Indian armed forces.

“Very impressive”
Admiral Arun Prakash
Former Chief of Naval Staff, Indian Navy

“Your blogs are most useful–timely and informative.”
Dr Ashley J. Tellis
Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

“Very nicely done.”
Robert Wall
Former International Editor, Aviation Week

“A very fine blog. Light years more advanced than anything comparable.”
Ravi Rikhye
Editor, Orbat.com

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