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3 Comments on "Straight Up: What India & The U.S. Achieved On Defence Today"

1 year 10 months ago

which technology does RQ-11 Raven has which DRDO or Indian industries at this very moment cannot develop on their own ??

a) optical pod ?
b) laptop, video recorder ?
c) geological map ?
d) ADA cannot test handheld fling design ?
e) Software to plan mission ? or
f) battery modules to power ?

or does Indians do not have ability to assemble or do industrial integration on their own ??

is this Gift from brilliant IFS / IAS (kale angrez) Officers to Indian defense ??

Please explain

1 year 10 months ago

Good Progress being made. US is without doubt the technological leader in defense equipment and India will benefit with it's expertise in building hardened bunkers on the Line of control, Aircraft carrier technology and jet engine technology which are currently our weak areas.

Other areas of cooperation could be night vision technology, large scale artillery tactics, submarine rescue and hydrographic mapping for submarine operations – specially in the East China sea 🙂

Raahul Kumar
1 year 10 months ago

So in other words, we are not getting any technology of any type, what a waste of time and effort. Why the need to approach the USA? There is an entire world out there, let the best competitive bidder win.


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