1st Indian Pilot To Land On Vikramaditya

In these pictures seen here on Livefist for the first time, is Commodore Surendra Ahuja, who on September 3 became the first Indian pilot to be ‘trapped’ on the Vikramaditya in a MiG-29KUB. This wasn’t a solo flight, however: Cmde. Ahuja was flying with MiG Test Pilot Sergei Rubnikov, who was captain of the aircraft during this flight. The first solo landing by an Indian pilot on the Vikramaditya is likely to take place in Feb/March next year by a pilot from the INAS 303 squadron.
Cmde. Ahuja, currently posted to Naval HQ, was in Russia for 80 days (from early Aug to mid Oct 2013) for Aviation Facilities Complex Delivery Acceptance Trials – most of the flying happened north of Murmansk (north of the Arctic Circle) — which is why pilots flying at the time had to use immersion suits. Cmde. Ahuja was also, incidentally, the first “new mould” Indian pilot certified in tailhook landings.

9 thoughts on “1st Indian Pilot To Land On Vikramaditya”

  1. Good times in the Indian naval History. Landing on an aircraft carrier deck is NOT a joke. Hope we pick up this art as quickly as possible with least loss (to men's life and the machine) in coming days. Keep up the good work Shiv of posting us with the latest. Jai Hind!

  2. Please send me the link to the video report on INS Vikramaditya which you have taken. Thank you for the coverage.

  3. From what I know, the pilot in question is the same one who had done the flight evaluation of the MiG-29K for the Indian Navy way back in 2003 from Zukovski airfield, close to Moscow, when he flew the prototype of the single-seater MiG-29K. A link of the Sagar Pawan (the Navy's aerobatic team) in Wikipedia names him as the founding formation leader of the aerobatic team when he was a Commander. And from what I learn from Shiv's blog – he was also the first Indian navy pilot to 'arrest' aboard a US carrier in 2007. Good going! He seems to be one lucky man!

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