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    Mihir Shah

    If we have to have shore-based AWACS, then why not buy more Phalcons? The E-2 an AEW aircraft. Why not buy a full-blown AEW&C platform instead? There are other advantages to using the Phalcon – commonality with the IAF’s fleet, use in “joint” operations, etc.

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    chacko Joseph

    I met the NG guys sometimes back. Couple of things I told them was
    1) Don’t go for entire equipment sale. Club it with Israeli sales. There is no regard for Yankee stuf in forces as its prone to sanctions.
    2)A IL-76/Tuplov platform will make more sense for IN.
    3)They told me that Hawkeye can be launched from INS Vikramaditya. I told them there is no space for Vikramaditya to hold a Hawkeye. It will severly restrict MiG-29/ KA-31 deployment on the carrier.
    4) I did tell them not to waste time conviencing IN on Carrier based system. Concentrate on shore based systems.

    In my opinon a Tuplov is the only platform for IN to look for WRT Carrier defence. Kamov’s are good for 250 kms.

    Last naval Tropex excercises showed how vulnerable is Carrier WRT UAV’s (logically a longer range cruise missile).

    India should also mount additional radar stations and bases in A&N.

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    Shiv Aroor

    good points all around. mihir/chacko.. what about the wedgetail? that’s the one that’s got boeing paynig up in delay penalties to the aussies. would that be a good shore option?

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    Mihir Shah

    If it has capabilities similar to that of the Phalcon, it would make no sense. Purchasing more Phalcons (The IAF is looking at three more IIRC) would bring unit costs down, it would keep maintenance and logistics costs low, and go a long was towards enhancing inter-service co-operation. As it is, the IAF and IN plan to have common overhaul facilities for the MiG-29s. But then again, there are “other” considerations also, no? 😀 The Umreekis look all set to enter the Indian arms market big time. Be prepared for some massive arm twisting…

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    chacko Joseph

    One thing was clear from NG Managers. Sanctions is a question that even the US Prez cannot answere.

    The current debate is not Wedgetail vs something. IN should have the source codes. Phalcon has Indian software. AFIK NG was willing for Indian software too (outsource to pvt co as offset).

    I forgot to mention. NG said a Hawkeye will come with three sets of spares of most items. But service center will be in US. (Hehehe..)

    The second thing is endurance. What better endurance than a Tuplov or any other strategic bomber. IN is mughty pleased with TU-142 even though it had a preperation time of 12 hours (correct me). Tu-22M3 seems to be next logical solution.

    Platforms aside, Elta or Sea Dragon would do but to make it a true “AWACS” we need Elta systems.

    It will commonality with IAF systems too.


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