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    Admiral Prakash should tell us about the ATV programme. It appears he is the only chief who is brave enough to speak out, and I think he should tell us about the Indian SSBN programme and where it is currently positioned. the entire shroud of secrecy over the programme is a little bizarre. the people who matter know that we are trying to minaturise PWRs, so what’s the big deal. it’s only a matter of time before china hands SSBN technology to pakistan, and then you’re gonna really regret going slow on the Akulas. and even if we get Akulas, what missiles are we going to mount on them? the sagarika? for which our subs will need to make a port call at enemy harbours to hit any meaningful targets. let’s have it on the ATV. enough of this secrecy!! Admiral Prakash, tell us about the ATV, we implore you!

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    Congratulations on a very cool interaction with the Admiral… Nice ongoing interview — even intellgible to the lay reader. 🙂


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