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    Naughty naughty Shiv 🙂 You latched on to that but not this ???

    “As the realization of Trishul missile system got delayed, users (Army, Air Force, and Navy) resorted to acquisition from abroad as the QRs and operational requirements got modified over time.” with emphasis on modification of QRs and operational requirements….

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    And while you are at it you are still bashing Arjun, are you ?????????

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    Hey Shiv, I had a brainwave 🙂 BTW, Its not often that happens.

    Why don’t you write an article on middle men in defense, thier usefulness in the deal, what they bring to the table by being a middleman, their approach, how they close the deal, how much commission they pay to who, how much they take for each deal, their contacts (military and civilian), etc…

    Love to read that article, ma kasam seriously, no joking 🙂

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    The above is very good news about Trishul missile.

    Now, fortunately it should be likely that the so-termed ‘Maitri’ JV with France will be hopefully cancelled.


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    >> ( you can just imagine the question from the MP!).

    Geez .. look who’s talking!

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    PS: Sorry for the jab Shiv, couldn’t resist! 🙂

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    This is getting funny. It reminds me of food chain of nature where the grass is eaten by rabbit, the rabbit is eated by a predator etc.

    Shiv Aroor takes a jibe on the MP. Then hops along t Srirangan who takes a jibe on Shiv Aroor. I am trying to figure out the difference between a MP, Shiv Aroor and Srirangan. Atleast MP is original.

    Shiv Aroor,

    The Army Chief talked about deploying Arjun somewhere. May be spoke about deploying it in water. Where can Arjun be deployed? Of course in Indo-Pak border and Sino-Indo borders. Why is it that you do not look at the positive part. Arjun is deployable in “non tankable areas”, i.e, where tanks cannot be “usually deployed”.

    Good to know about Trishul. It is a happy news.

    But I cannot stop laughing MP Vs Shiv Aroor vs Srirangan.. Hahahahah

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    Shiv Aroor

    srirangan. why the apology? keep them coming, bro! that’s the whole point of this blog!

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    Your silliness reaches new bounds..the trishul is to be acquired for certain locations and other words, both to protect AFB and training, but you are fixated on the latter. Why? Because it proved you wrong once more about yet another DRDO project?

    How much will you try to twist the facts dude, give it up!
    Face it, DRDO delivered the Trishul and its technology will live on in other systems.

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    If you are not sure about something, you can get a clarification before commenting on them.

    >>Dialogue is still on with Air Force to accept the system developed and produced for deploying in certain locations and for training/fire control/air defence practices.

    My little help in clarifying the picture…

    With the state of current operatinal readiness due to the condition of OSA-AK and its upgradation program, DRDO proposed the Trishul system as the alternative. Adv of this proposal is once Trishul-MBDA thing comes up, there is going to be commonalities.

    Actually, Trishul is the intended replacement for OSA-AK missile.

    As the operational requirement of the IAF changed, a top-up system on Trishul program is taken up and this is reported as JV with MBDA.

    Since this new system will take time to materialize, a stop-gap arrangement is the proposal for the Trishul program. Both OSA-AK and Trishul have similar range and for the same role.

    Further, AF is buying limited number of Spyder system for the same role(which is somewhat superior to Trishul/OSA-AK and as well as costlier), So you have to pick and choose which system goes where.

    This is what meant by the phrase.”..deploying in certain locations

    On coming to the other part,”..and for training/fire control/air defence practices.

    I think you very well know that, every new system needs training. Also, you should be knowing very well that one system cannot be used to train other systems.

    You can’t just use instruction mauals to train them. you need test rounds, target practises, simulations etc. All these needs production of the same and involves money.

    Hope, you finally got it.

    There is reason in saying, why one needs some background on the subject he is reporting. Otherwise, we will be hearing stories like why Arjun Tank can’t fly in air, so its dud.


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