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    An excellent piece Shiv, and yes, a wake up call to the OFB. Their Quality Control and efficiency is ghastly. Look at how their products have had quality issues time and time again.

    They are still stuck in License raj days. While other armaments manufacturers are rapidly modernizing and creating new products, the OFB is, in many ways, reminiscent of the megalithic defence industry of WW2 times.

    Its time they get a huge blow on their heads to perform. If we are not even able to manufacture our own ammunition, and have to import it, of all places, from SINGAPORE!, thats saying a lot about what the OFB has to answer to.

    And I’m thankful that you have reported on this. Because, too many times, the DRDO has faced the rap for low quality, when the real problem was with the OFB.

    However, the government must also be willing to throw funds at them (and others) to modernize their equipment, QC and labour policies. Our manufacturers, like HAl, OFB and shipyards need to be modernized, but that will not happen till the govt. makes getting funds easier. As long as some bureaucrat who doesn’t know a rifle from a bayonet controls every little amount that the OFB needs, we won’t be able to bring it up to speed. Plus, a dynamic leadership must be present o guide them, rather than the old leftist leaning ideas of old.

    I hope you will continue this piece. Cheers.

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    So now after DRDO bashing, now DPU/OFB bashing.

    But DPU?OFB needs bashing. Not DRDO.

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    Shiv, on this one I am with you.

    Excellent one, but is anyone from OFB listening.

    But as usual, may be a part of the problem has been addressed as far as the question “why”. Basic necessities of the emplyoees have to be taken care with respect to salaries.

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    For gods sake Aroor get your head out of your rectum.

    Its not the DPSUs or OFBs opposing the GOI or Kelkar committee, its the Defence employees trade union aka the commies. Your articles are a perfect example of malapropism, you attribute things to entirely the wrong units and groups.

    Both the DPSUs and even the somewhat lackadaisical OFB work extensively with the private sector. But their junior grade – ie non managerial cadre employees are always suspicious as they want job security, and the trade unions are affiliated to the CPI and CPI(M) which are against privatisation of defence.

    Perhaps one day- one day, we might see a sensible article from you, which doesnt miss the target, that day is far off i guess.

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    Shiv Aroor

    last anon: no wonder you’re anon, because you’re a resounding idiot! the memorandum was vetted by the OFB, which is mentioned in the covering letter to the memorandum. have you even read it? bloody AFM.

  6. 6


    Abe gadhe, the memorandum being vetted by the OFB is BS. Because as anyone who has worked with Govt knows they cannot bloody do anything without trade union sanction. This was agreed to at last meeting of INTUC, CPI-M led trade unions and OFB officials to call off the pledged strike at Defence establishments, but journalist – ok- “anal”-ist like you wont know such things!!

    Aroor get a real job which you are good at- something like “aishwarya marries abhishek, she wore red ghaghra choli”…its right up your gali.

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    last anon: F off brother! stop defending the indefensible bloody red bastards. the ofbs and psus are hopeless. aroor went wrong screwing drdo, but this is fine. stop getting your tattas in a bloody twist and frothing in the mouth for nothin. it’s people like you that are ruining all efforts to make a change. chutiya. the strike was called off, that is a bloody different thing you d*ckhead. the point is the content of the appeal. that reflects the mindset of anyone you care to speak to at ofb or psy, commie or otherwise. stop displaying your half-assed BS knowledge of things you don’t know. flame aroor by all means, but stop this nonsensical assaulting yaar. read the points he’s making.. they are all pertinent. saala anon banke aaya mooh dikhane BC.

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    zippo u pathetic SOB, seeing your language I am going to give it back to u with love, enjoy..

    u fuck*in moron, have you worked even one day in your idiotic life in India? its chutiyas like you who have no fucking clue of the system and who hang around with their mouths open for any gems from aroors rear end defending the indefensible.
    u retarded idiot, i was there when this topic came up and OFB was given a ultimatum by the fuckin’ defence employees trade union and they did what they gotta do to put the factories running..if you have any brainwaves on how to manage the commies go join the Def Min idiot!
    u fucking retarded cocksu*ker i am not defending the fucki*g commies, learn to read something u chutiya BC, i am pointing out aroor is as usual talking sh!t about somethingg the OFB doesnt care about and wojnt even be listened to on…even MOD knows this. the whole “proposal” was a scam pushed by the commies via OFB holding govt of india hostage.

    the strike was called off only when commies and unions even with intuc of congress got a promise from senior management that they would shoot a letter to def min against kelkar report..and ofb and drdo also supported kelkar when he wrote the report…tumhare jaise abcd types ko kuch pata nahin hain. first work for 20 yrs then talk.

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    Can you guys cut back on the abuse? Last anon and Zippo- guys behave like gents.

    On May 17, the Trade Union Forum for Self-Reliance in Defence (a formal group comprising trade union officials, DPSU and OFB employees) presented Defence Minister AK Antony with a memorandum asking the government to desist from implementing the Kelkar Committee recommendations.

    This basically means that its the employees Trade Union, not the OFB Managers.

    . The composition of Kelkar Committee itself is questionable as it did not include the major stake holder i.e. the employees.

    The Kelkar committee had all the managers etc report to it. So the employees trade union is angry they were not consulted.

    So yes, it is correct- its not the OFB which is making a waah waah but the trade union.


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    nice summary. Please try telling that to Shiv who probably needs a good education in ‘reading comprehension’.

  11. 11


    Zippo is Queenie Aroors second gmail id.

    Don’t you get it?

    Shiv Aroor wants to praise himself ith another ID. Who else praises Queenie Aroor?

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    I see there are a fair number of union sympathisers haunting this article.

    I have little sympathy for the way the OFB and even DRDO are behaving towards privatisation of defence. It is no secret that for all the resources and support they have received from the government since the 1950s our publicly owned defence industry has had relatively little progress in indigenisation.

    You can make the usual claims about manpower and funding shortages, but the fact is countries with smaller and less funded defence industries than ours(like Ukraine and South Africa) have more advanced defence industries.

    The reasons are obvious if you look closely enough. As government-owned entites the DRDO labs, DPSUs and Ordinance Factories have a number of factors that are inherently counterproductive to development. Miles of bureaucracy and red tape, lower financial benefits that make it difficult to attract and retain skilled labour, and most importanly the PSU work culture: Having a monopoly over defence production and assured funding and job security, DRDO/DPSU/OFB employees do not need any accountability. They have no consequences for missing deadlines or failing to deliver products; after all they cannot be fired, lose contracts or have their funding slashed as would be the case. The worst that can happen is that our armed forces turn to foreign suppliers to fill the gap, rejecting their products.

    Of course, the DPSU/OFB labour unions have every reason to oppose privatisation of defence. After all monopoly is the only reason they survive. After decades of monopoly they've grown to think of DRDO/DPSU/OFB's main priority being employment generations with servicing the armed forces' needs coming a distant second.

    Note that they don't have such vehement opposition to India importing billions of dollars of equipment from FOREIGN PRIVATE SECTOR COMPANIES. Ah, the irony! The hypocrisy! The PSU fan-worship I'm seeing on these comments!


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