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    Mr. Aroor, Arjun and Akash projects have been completed since the past year or so—-it is only the services which have delayed user trials. Besides, corruption in the army has allowed induction of the equally flawed T-90s instead of the much superior Arjun.


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    I have commented on one of your previous articles, “IAF’s purchase was opposed by the IDS”. From your article, it is abundantly clear that corrupt elements within the IAF have purposely avoided giving the Akash and Trishul a chance for user-trials since the past year and more, while furiously expediting the imports of a bouquet of Israeli missiles within the same time period.

    Contracts, negotiations, purchases for the Israeli missiles were all executed within one year. We may compare this with the endless wait for the promised user-trials of the Akash and Trishul systems.

    I have posted various news reports in which the schedule for the user-trials of the Trishul and Akash have been committed to by the IAF, but those dates have long gone. However, IAF has continued to import Deliah, Crystal Maze, Popeye at such a lightening pace, that one may be forgiven to comment whether it is the IAF (Israeli Air Force) that one is talking about.


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    Every DRDO success is a bamboo spike up your dishonest constipated rectum. Hope that within a couple of years, you lose all the crap that has clogged your innards and your brain!!


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    That hasn’t of course stopped stubborn opinion about wet-behind-the-ears reporters who don’t understand technology. Honestly, that’s cowardice. You definitely don’t need to understand too much technology to understand what straightforwardly prudent, and what makes for simple pseudo-nationalistic – and ultimately retrograde – hubris.

    indeed, u dont need anything, no worthwhile education, not a single day in a good company, no invention/ engineering ability worth ur name

    all u need is a big mouth, a potbelly and a “i know better than u hicks” attitude

    good good

    the actual cowards are those who hide behind their newspaper titles and are even afraid to print rebuttals in case it exposes them for the dishonest liars that they are

    you should have been a writer at playboy or some s&m magazine, what with ur tastes and all

    defence reporting is way too much for a dishonest jerk like you


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