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    See a not-so-old article http://www.iht.com/articles/2005/03/24/business/plane.php for a counterpoint. Also see the cost per plane as listed in the article is 66 million per plane. Doesnt the 1 billion tag sound a bit too much?

    – Subodh

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    I believe that the Army and Rafael are going to try out the Spike (ATGM) at Pokhran soon-so where does the nag stand ???

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    remember they could track our neigbhour carrying their N bmbs (they keep changing its location to keep it safe), because they were using C 130.
    All C 130 now comes with an array of on chip based bugging circuits. they can only be seen under micro scope. a single chip cant get much. but when being a part of an array they work superbly. thats the reason buying C 130 or the PM’s office in sky or for that matter any US stuff is dangerous.
    personally i have worked on chip fabrication. so i know what i am talking.

    – cash


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