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    Mr. Aroor, in my view the Sanskrit name for the indigenous BMD should have been accorded a more “herculean” name, rather than the female name of Pratchi, given its potential for destruction (or rather potential saviour).

    In BR forum, the name Brahma-astra was suggested, which is very apt for the BMD. Sudarshana may also be quite suitable.

    Thank you.

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    how about the performance of the BMD system, if the incoming missile has a very low RCS and coated with radar absorbing paints and with some ECCM capabilities to counter the LRTR? As soon as BMD missiles were fired pakis tested their BABUR terrain hugging cruise missile. once this missile enters our territory, even if you can shoot down it with a phalanx gun,still the nuclear bomb will explode in our territory,causing colossal damage? Any deterrants against cruise missiles? it has to be shot down near its origin itself..

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    As per reports, the names of the PAD and AAD are Pradyumna and Ashwin, which are fine names.

    Somebody in BR forum suggested that the services may name indigenous hardware. What may happen in such a case would be that the current ruling govt. under pressure from the communist allies, may choose Urdu or Persian-sounding names for minority community appeasement. Thus, missiles may be named as ‘Sarfaraz’ or ‘Akbar’ or such forth.

    Seeing the minority appeasement agenda of this government and the Left allies, and how shamefully the service chiefs were frisked when the ruling party’s chief’s son-in-law was not, the govt. can very well pressurize the services to give names of their own choice.

    Such a move would be appreciated by the English media, which has a “majority pounding” tone in their articles. Sanskrit’s “monopoly” would be denounced (never mind it is India’s Latin and on the verge of extinction), and the “poetic” Urdu names that “brought a fresh era into naming”, would be lauded.

    It may be noted that sensing the possibility, PM Vajpayee was allowed to choose the name of Tejas. However, the present govt. was not consulted and DRDO named the missile itself.

    Thank you.


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