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    Shiv you said your blog was about hardware and not about people, then why are you after Antony.

    See he’s not to be blamed, b’cos he just doesnt know whats defence and how to run the ministry…he’s a labour leader from Kerala and only knows how to tow Madam’s line to please her…not his fault…he’s no a defence person, but a politician…what the bureacrats make him do holding his finger, he does!

    He has no brains of his own….leave the deals, he has never done a thing, never taken a decision, never given redressal to soldeirs on genuine greivances……he’s a bastard…fit to be thrown back to Kerala

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    And Shiv in your sh!t goes the rotor story on eurocopter cancellation, yo’ve towed Ajai Shukla’s line a it too much……talking about soldiers etc….were you bothered about soldiers earlier, and if so what have you done for them…you guys dont even write about them, the least a journalist can do….you chaps write only about big deals, RFPs, you fly foreign fighter jets, write about them, show yourself on TV in fancy fighters like F-18 and Mig-35, to increase the TRPs of your channel and will again take a sortie in F-16, and you talk of soldiers dying in Siachen…have you even gne there or hs Ajai Shukla gone there…hes an armoured officer, and wouldnt have gone beyond Amritsar, Bina, Babina etc…what does he know….bloody hypocrites…..have some shame… people take fancy salaries, come on TV, stay in delhi…what do you people know about the plight of soldiers or thier problems


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