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    “Systems that have been productionised”, they had the gall to list Nag, Tejas and the AAD

    Not Dishonest Aroor, they are modern day conmen, full of Brahmin priest, fit only for Namkarana.

    They do Namkarna for even system that are just painted, that only shows DRDO is full of Brahmin priests.

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    ya exactly……..mos of them also put long ’tilaks’ on their forheads as symbols of brahminism…frauds….look at the no. of stones Saraswat wears on his fingers, and he even has a temple in his office room, it seems….They are all god-fearing south Indian brahmins…but they dont fear the tax payers money and in today’s golden jubilee celebration, they also spoke about bringing in corporate culture in DRDO….bastards, if corporate culture comes in then whatever work is being done, even that will come to a halt….as they’ll all become managers and no one will work !!

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    >> DRDO has not only attained self-reliance in strategic defence weapons and delivery systems which no country is willing to part with, but has also provide the country with an array of tactical battlefield systems like Light Combat Aircraft (Tejas), Main Battle Tank (Arjun), family of missile such as Agni, Prithvi, Akash, Nag and BrahMos with capability of delivery of different payloads to varying ranges. The recent successful launch of Agni III and Interceptor missile technologies developed by DRDO has taken India to an elite club of developed nations having similar capability. [Notice the absolute nonsense in this paragraph — exactly what I mean]

    The only nonsense is in your perception Aroor. I am producing a list of systems that drdo talked about in the above paragraph, along with their status. Here goes :~
    1) LCA : Under testing
    2) Arjun: Under production, has cleared accelerated user/reliability trials to test build quality of Avadi.
    3) Akash: Accepted for production by IAF.
    4) Prithvi: Inducted.
    5) Brahmos: Inducted. Work going on for follow on variants.
    6) Nag: Development complete, user trials expected shortly. May or may not be inducted.

    As for Agni III and the AAD/PAD missiles, how many countries have shot down missiles with hit to kill missiles ? Even in trials ? If its more than 3-4, Ill agree that this sentence is arrant nonsense.

    So out of the systems listed, with the exception of LCA, all are either accepted by the armed forces (remember the BMW vs. maruti comments ?) or are almost there. They may not be the best-of-brochure systems, but they are credible in our immediate neighborhood and considering our industrial base, superlative.

    Also, why ignore the excellent work in radars, electronic warfare, nbc warfare equipment and so on ?

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    sudeep you nincompoop. it IS total nonsense. it lists all those items as systems that it has “provided the country with”. and you go on to list them and their status. have they all been “provided” to the country yet? that’s what aroor is referring to. stop trying to defend the indefensible.

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    Mr. Aroor I think it may only be a grammatical mistake, as the statement reads as, “but has also provide the country with….”

    This is typical of poorly worded “sarkari” circulars, and hence not much should be made of it. Even if it were intentional, if looked from their viewpoint, it is not false. The Tejas has been provided to the country and so has been the Nag. We may not discuss the “nitty-gritty” or the contractual “semantics” of the language used. Tejas is ours, and it has been “given” to India or “provided” to India according to DRDO.

    The following statement is gratifying : The life support technologies developed by DRDO have helped to improve the operational efficiency of our troops in extremes of environmental and operational conditions. In my view, DRDO’s contribution in helping the Indian Jawan may be appreciated and be the focus of our discussion.

    Buraidiah, I may request you to not make communal statements, as they are below the esteem of this blog.

    Please do not mind my saying, whereas Buraidah is an Arabic name only, however your name ‘Buraidiah’ appears as an anagram of Bidwai Praful, formed by a juxtaposition of alternate letters. I say this, as this name was “itching”, and a google search on this name reveals only 2 pages from Livefist.

    Thank you.

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    Arjun: Provided
    Akash: Provided
    Brahmos: Provided
    Prithvi: Provided
    Agni II: Provided

    Nag: Under user trials.
    Trishul: Not delivered.
    LCA: Under development.

    Agni III: Under development
    BMD prog: Under development, with stellar results so far.

    So most of the systems have been provided.. And Aroor, no need to post anonymously on your own blog 😛

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    buradaiah, your caste comments show your mentality. best you go back to whichever gutter you crawled out of. and that anon idiot who replied to him is another jackass. both of you mofos should be running laloos campaign in bihar, thats what you are fit for, not for civilized discussion.

    and sudeep well caught, i have been noticing aroors majaa for a while now with a smile. moment you disagree with him where he is clearly wrong, and he will post anon to get his own back at you. nice fun to watch.

    the idiot doesnt even know that drdo has outsourced its entire pr business to pvt contractors who dont know and care about what gets printed. i have drdo brochures distributed at my companys stall at defexpo 2 years back with arjun has a 1600 hp engine. any fellow can see its a typo and it has a picture of abrams as the background with some local printers name at the bottom. and this idiot shiv aroor calls it inserting “bare faced lies” as if natrajan sat down and personally oversaw all this.
    seriously, whats wrong with these journalists man, dont they have a life or something?

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    Shiv Aroor

    sudeep: why would i need to comment on my own blog anonymously, when i’m perfectly happy arguing under my name, and always have? i mean what’s the point whipping ass without a name! for the anon (who sudeep thinks is me for some odd reason), can we please leave out invectives? and jeev: if you think drdo doesn’t pay attention to what it prints in its brochures, you’re either in denial, ignorant, or both!!

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    very well answered and said Shiv…these idiots on top might be commenting on their own and then countering it saying its you….leave these low-minded people and move ahead in your exposes and bring the DRDO out of its honeymoon period, fast.

    So when are you leaving for the US….we’re waiting for some great posts from the US, and also some great pictures of F-22 and F-35….

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    Finally some one sneek out from Rat-shack, yes I mentioned Brahmin priest, coz till now DRDO has done nothing except naming project with mythological figure.

    If that makes you uncomfortable you can go back to your little rat-shak hole, coz am still not mentiontion how Brahmins have cornored thousands of crore in DRDO scam.

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    Anonymous said…

    ya exactly……..mos of them also put long ’tilaks’ on their forheads as symbols of brahminism…frauds….look at the no. of stones Saraswat wears on his fingers, and he even has a temple in his office room, it seems….They are all god-fearing south Indian brahmins…but they dont fear the tax payers money and in today’s golden jubilee celebration, they also spoke about bringing in corporate culture in DRDO….bastards, if corporate culture comes in then whatever work is being done, even that will come to a halt….as they’ll all become managers and no one will work !!

    Mr.VK saraswat is a south indian Brahmin? why you a** holes bring
    religion and caste? This is what that is pulling us down..

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    Mr. Aroor, I would like to point out the the deliberate omission of facts pertaining to the discussion at hand, to portray a false image, even though the facts confined to the report per se, may be fully accurate.

    The report titled, “Pak always a step ahead”, by Manoj Joshi, in Mail Today has also ignored facts. It ignored the fact that India is the only 4th nation to have tested a twin-BMD (even though induction is 3 years away), and that the Pakistani Babur is due to a covert Chinese assistance (even though it mentions in the same sentence that the Brahmos is a Indian-Russian joint-venture).

    The article ignores that fact that many of Pakistan’s ‘tests’ are often succeeded immediately after the tests of some Indian missile, like Akash. This is more a show of strength than a technical test. As an example, after each of the 2 tests of the PAD-AAD in Dec ’06 and Dec ’07, Pakistan tested the Shaheen for no reported reason.

    As regards the Babur missile, it was declared operational after its very first test in Aug. 2005, proving that it is a tested platform from a foreign nation. In comparison, the Brahmos has been tested numerous times since 2001, even though its propulsion is based on the Soviet Yakhont missile.

    In the opening para, Mr. Joshi says that the “practical” Pakistanis obtained missiles by “hook or by crook”. India could also have done similarly, but underhand dealings with tarnished states like North Korea would have damaged Indian reputation. Usually countries do not transfer ballistic missiles even covertly to any other nation. We cannot conceive Russia selling Topol or Bulava missiles to India, similarly.

    Regarding the number of tests of individual missiles, one may tend to agree with the author in principle. However, he is taking the Army’s point of opinion on tests only; the DRDO’s tests have validated all results.

    In most other countries including Pakistan, the Army tests ballistic missiles periodically. Hence, if the Indian Army is unsatisfied over tests, it can ask for more tests to be conducted on missiles from its arsenal, or demand from DRDO to do so. The authority on testing does not solely rest on DRDO only.

    Besides, it may be noted that Akash , Trishul and Nag, despite having undergone numerous tests have not yet been accepted by the extremely stringent Army. Thus, if the Agni and Prithvi ballistic missiles have been accepted for induction, the onus of giving reason for that despite ‘few’ number of tests, rests with the Army and not DRDO.

    Thank you.

    Reference :-


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    What did DRDO achieved for the last fifty years?? Did DRDO made India self-reliant in defense systems?? Forget about big system start with small arms, even after 50 years of existence we have not achieved self-reliant in small arms and ammunition. Ak-47 is still imported from east europe backyards, Insas is having problems….yes dear DRDO outsourced PR bachas. Ammunition, remember running helter shelter for ammunition in Kargil????

    Let us look into spurious claims of success….shall we?
    Arjun: If any nation want to start “Indigenous” development, he will look at Arjun case study of what not to do. Arjun is perfect case of incompetence, when design(Kruss), Gun, Powerpack, Track, FCS is all imported and still went horribly wrong. Did we expect too much from DRDO after 25 years???
    Akash: Oh yes, with all the Isreal radar, control system and what not.
    Brahmos: Oh really DRDO product??? Do you really think DRDO had any meaningful contribution in this, apart from Namkarana looking into all aspect of rahu-ketu, like good old brahmin priests. Just answear me, do any one think that yakhont is missing anything, that Brahmos has?? If still yes, wonder why Russians are not inducting Brahmos after so many pleading from India!!!
    Prithvi: The ultimate Achievement of our thousands of crores sunk in the welfare of DRDO, a liquid proplent missile. Do i need to say more???
    Agni II: Yeh it takes of and no one know where it endsup!

    Nag: This is the crux for the disbelivers, how come DRDO claims to have developed all the Missile, when a simple anti-tank missile is not yet developed. Remember we are trying to develop anti-tank missile from 1960!!!
    Trishul: Another slightinconsistentcy, if you call it, that DRDO develops Akash, but not Trishul. Now, you wonder why it is so???.
    LCA: The ultimate in “indigenous” development, whose design is British (BAE P.106), design finalized by France (Dassualt), engine provided by America (GE), wings and composite technology provided Italy (Alena), FCS provided by US( Martin Marietta), Radar being provided by Israel(Elta), Avionics provided by UN consortiam of France Russia and Israel. Is there any other critical systems left apart from tyres???

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    Mr Aroor, Do you intend to invite serious discussions on all recent defence events or want us to engage in your blabbers only? There’s been a lot but not a word on your blog, that is sub collission, Antony’s Malaysia visit, expose on sindhuvijay Klub failure, etc. Pse act seriously if you want to have reader retentivity.

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    For gods sake Shiv, please moderate your blog before it goes to the dumps… serious discussions are getting hijacked by idiots like the anon above.


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