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    US and India both posses RAMjet technology. Akash missile uses Ramjet technology. India is making Scramjet on the top of the RAM jet technology.

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    Obviously you believe that the Brahmos uses scramjet and that Russia is the leader in this area.Nothing can be further from the truth. There is no in service scramjet anywhere in the world .

    Give it a rest and stop beating up this engine dawg. It is joint venture. What else did you expect? The russians do have a 50% stake in this venture. What will it take to knock into your thick skull that the Russians lose their part of the 50% if they sabotage Brahmos /undercut it?

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    Shiv Aroor Sir,

    What are ramjet and scramjet technologies and whats the difference between two? What for and where are they used?

    Jayanthi S.

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    US has only solid Ramjet which India is also capable of making. Incidentally French also have solid ramjet which they propose to eqip the Eurofighter with.
    BrahMos has a liquid fueled Ramjet which is also called the stovetype engine. It is an air breathin’ engine like a gas turbine that uses avaiation kerosene although with no movable parts. It propels the rocket at supersonic speeds and has the advantage of range, efficiency as well as control over a solid fueled ramjet. Scramjet is more advanced of the two technologies. It cruises at hypersonic speeds. Ironically though, a liquid fueled ramjet is very difficult to develop because of stringent manifacturing precision required and that’s why the Americans moved on the scramjet instead of mastering ramjet.

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    How long, I wonder, before the Communist goondas pick up “Ram” in Ramjet and demand that the BrahMos be dumped into the Bay of Bengal?

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    You caste obsessed brahmin fellows use ram in ramjet proving drdo is brahmin RSS fanatic organization unlike pakistan which is land of the pure.

  7. 7


    lol, Pure what? pure shit!! 🙂


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